The process in which the food ingredient is beaten strenuously and vigorously such that the air in that ingredient is absorbed and subsumed, which gives it a frothy appearance. This process is commonly known as whipping. As we know, whipping creams can be used for several purposes, such as decorating a cake, pastries, and other desserts toppings. Many times whipped cream is itself used as an ingredient in various sweet dishes. A mixer whips the cream until it’s texture changes to light, fluffy and foaming colloid. Chantilly cream is another term used for whipped cream.


Basically, the whipped cream chargers is ammunition or a cannonball commonly made of steel and filled with nitrous oxide. They are widely used as whipping agents in whipped cream dispensers. It is a cylindrically shaped tube with a narrow foil covering the end, which is broken to release gas. The whipped cream dispenser is provided with a sharp pin used to tear the thin foil covering. Among the costumers, these whipped cream chargers are ordinarily called whippet, nossies and nangs.


Nangs is a colloquialism term used for nitrous oxide gas; most people know it as laughing gas. When inhaled in a limited quantity, this gas caused hallucinations and euphoric conditions, which gives a person a feel-good factor and fondness of joy. It also causes sorts of relaxation; many times, dizziness is also seen. The nitrous oxide acts as a catalyst and propellant for the preparations of whipped cream, and it acts as an aid to propel the whipped cream out of the can and also act as an additive for the cream and prevent it from rancidity.

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Basically, a whipped cream dispenser is a kitchen tool used to mix various ingredients and provide a soft, fluffy and beautiful texture. Other names like siphon and canister also know it. A whipped cream dispenser comprises mainly three components: the bottle, the head, and the tip. The bottle holds the macaroon and meringue, made of stainless steel, maximum to maximum have a volume of one litre. The whipped cream dispenser’s head has a gasket(it is an elastomeric component that holds and cover the convergence between two aspects)and a valve. The gasket keeps the bottle and the material inside it airtight. The valve consists of a small hole through which the foamed cream makes its move outside in a pressurised manner. The whipped cream dispenser’s tip is straight, and it helps to out the foamy meringue on your dessert.


Nang and nang crackers are one and the same thing. It is an Australian conversational and informally uses the word for small canisters and siphons containing nitrous oxide. They are designed to make cream fluffy and enduring whipped cream for a long time. Nang Melbourne delivery is one of the fastest delivery services, delivering whipped cream dispenser at your doorstep. The average time for delivery is forty-seven minutes. We guarantee you for the best quality of products at the lowest and most affordable price. You can save ten per cent on your order.


Whipped cream chargers are quite useful as they are helpful to design and decorate the toppings of cakes, pastries and other dessert’s. As we know, the main attraction regarding sweet product like cakes is their topping; therefore, whipped creams chargers are widely used here.

Let’s see how to use it. Put the nitrous oxide cream charger bulb into the into the charger holder’s body, then bolt it on the head region of the whipped cream dispenser. Shake the dispenser so that the nitrous oxide and the cream are mixed well and capitulate with the cream. At the time of dispensing the whipped cream, turn the device, or that is a dispenser, in an inverted or upside-down position, then press the lever and allow your beautiful, light and fluffy cream to depart from the siphon.

Making your type of whipped cream at home makes you look more creative and ingenious with your desserts. You can try many kinds of designs, and every time your dessert can have a new, innovative, and decorative look.

If you are a classic design lover, then also this will be the best option for you not only in terms of its quality and affordable price but also it’s a smooth and easy way of working. Desserts with delicious and delightfully old fashioned whipped cream, flavouring whipped cream by using banana, chocolates, amaretto.

The types of cream used and their texture matters a lot. Half and half cream with a butter content of ten to twelve per cent is used in beverages, and this cream is not used for whipping. Single cream with nineteen to twenty per cent of butter content can be used for sweet and savoury dishes. This cream is also not generally used for whipping purpose. Next is heavy weeping cream with a butter content of thirty-six to fourth per cent for whipping purposes as it holds up shape well for a long time. Double creams with forty-five to fifty of butter content whip up quickly and are used in sausage, pies. Clotted creams do not need whipping as their butter content is very high; that is, fifty-five to sixty per cent can be used as it is. You may find them in distinctive food stores.


After discussing and understanding about whipped cream chargers and dispenser, let’s move to the conclusion. Their looks, designs and decorations firstly attract all the desserts. The fascinating topping will show how creative and innovative you are. We would like you to recommend our whipped cream charger as well as a whipped cream dispenser for the fulfilment of your visionary ideas. We can deliver cream chargers as early as possible, along with maintaining the quality of products. Do consider us for your better comfort.



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