How To Prank Call Without Getting Caught

If you lived in the sixties, where telephones will simply ring without a virtual prompt telling you who is on the other end of the line, then prank calls would have been easier to get away with. You just call a random number, say things like you rehearsed, and simply hang up whenever you like. You can always have so much fun with prank calls scot-free! But of course, we are decades away from that norm. While our lives have been made easier by different forms of technology, it’s been harder to mess with other people without our numbers being traced.

How can I do prank calls now?

But how can prank calls still maintain their relevance in the 21st century? Some people think that prank calls are dead because they believe it’s challenging to do so without being unnoticed. Our smartphones will tell us who exactly is calling, and we could quickly look for the owner of the number via Google or whatever search engine you may please. The good news is, prank calls are far from dead! It is super alive, in good health, kicking with life like a bouncing birthday boy! Like other things, it’s adapted so well to the changes of technology that you sometimes wouldn’t even notice if you fell victim to it before because it is too convincing. There are two ways of doing prank calls now. The first is by using a burner phone, and the second is through the use of apps.

Using a Burner Phone

You can now leave your grandmother’s telephone alone because certain professionals can always trace the calls from her line. You can always get a new burner phone (possibly an old phone or a new one) and have a unique mobile number registered with it. With that, you can call anyone you know without them suspecting that it is you because they won’t have the caller ID registered with it. This one will be more costly between the two alternative options and require more effort when it comes to prank-calling people—no judgment whatsoever. If you like going through all that trouble, then get a burner phone!

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Using a Prank Call App

Using a prank call app or a spoof calling app won’t require you to rummage your attic just to find a burner phone. Because every convenience is done in just a few taps, you can always access unlimited fun using these apps! There are multiple prank call apps out there, but the most secure available in the market is Ownage Pranks. They offer spoof calling and automatic prank calling. What’s the difference?

Spoof Call

It’s no rocket science. What they do is collect all your information (like your mobile number, name, stuff like that) and hide it all under a new caller ID. This is one of the best (if not the BEST) alternatives to a burner phone. You don’t need to go through all that trouble and all those financial concerns because they will do that job for you!

Automatic Prank Call

Like spoof calling, Ownage Pranks will present a different caller ID when calling your victim. The difference here is you don’t have to go through the trouble of changing your voice to make it unnoticeable, and you don’t have to worry about making a funny script either! Why? Their prank call app already has many hilarious pre-made scripts of pranks that you can choose from. Professional actors perform the voices, and you don’t have to worry about doing voice acting workshops anymore. Besides, it’s too difficult to do that when you’re already cracking a laugh! Because prank calling can be this easy, you can prank as many people as you like – all in just a few taps. Awesome, huh?

It is way more convenient to download the right prank call app than go through all the trouble of finding a burner phone. But if you are into that challenge, then you can do so. If you agree with us that a burner phone is too tedious, go ahead and download Ownage Pranks’ prank call app. It’s free!

How safe are these Prank Call Apps?

As a rule of thumb, you get in trouble for doing illegal things, and you don’t get in trouble for not doing illegal things. If you use Ownage Pranks’ Apps, you can be secured that an average Joe won’t ever find out that the call was from you. But if you mess with the government by doing something illegal, it is advised not to even think about it. Their ways of finding things out are no joke! They have all the connections and access to remarkable technologies that can trace your calls, even if you are using spoof call apps!

But don’t worry, automatic prank calls are generally safe because the pre-made scripts won’t get you into trouble. Just make sure you aren’t getting yourself in any danger when pranking on your own using Spoof Call apps.

Prank Call Ideas To Do When Using a Spoof Calling App

Now that you know how a spoof calling app works in theory, it would be exciting to find ideas to do when enjoying your newly-assigned caller ID! We listed down five prank ideas to do to your friends, family, and even enemies!

“Why did you call me?”

Wouldn’t it be annoying if someone you don’t even know called you and asked why you called them? That’s the whole point of this prank! Act like the confused and bothered one by asking them why they have been calling your number multiple times. It would be funnier if you pretended to be so annoyed by it and hang up before they could even react!

“Your house is haunted”

This is perfect as a halloween prank. It’s more fun if you call someone you personally know and have seen the house of. First, describe if features of the house as if you’re trying to confirm if you’re referring to the right one. Next, tell them that the place they are staying in is your childhood home and that you have gone through multiple nerve-wrecking paranormal experiences there that still haunts you growing up. It’s up to you to be as creative as you want! The goal is to just freak them out. You might need a little voice changing here to stay unrecognized, but it will be worth it!

“You won a raffle!”

People love winning, don’t they? Call to pretend to represent a specific organization and tell your victim that they won your raffle. Try to sound professional all throughout to not be suspicious. It might feel a little bad, but it’s always a treat to hear the excitement in people’s voices. (Even if it means winning in fake raffles like this)

“Package Delivery!”

Because it is already the high-time of online consumerism, this shouldn’t be hard to believe for your victim because they probably have something ordered online by the time you call them! Just tell them that you have an enormous package delivered to them and that you will only leave it at their doorstep. Just imagine the confusion when they go out of their porches to see nothing there! Evil, but genius!

“I am Pregnant”

If you have male friends that just love to sleep around with multiple women, this prank can be an easy way to get them! Tell them that they slept with you several months back and that you were only gathering the courage to tell him that he is going to be a father. Tell him you are going to keep it and excited to start a family with him. Imagine his horror when they hear this!


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