Specifications You Get if You Buy Laptops in the UK at Hihonor

Hihonor is one of the recommended places to buy laptops in UK. This website offers Honor laptops with impressive specifications and models. Check the explanation below to know about the specifications and things you will get when you buy an Honor Magic Book laptop.

Compact, Lightweight, and Thin Laptops

Hihonor introduces compact laptops to its users. The Honor Magic Book is only 1.38kg in weight, whereas Honor Magic Book 15 is only 1.53kg, and Honor Magic Book Pro for only 1.7kg in weight. The laptops are not only lightweight but also thin enough in which they are only 15.9 mm and 16.9 mm.

This compact and lightweight model provides you laptops that are easy to bring anywhere you want without having a problem with back pain or shoulder pain.

Large Memory

Honor laptops offer a large memory to save your data. The Honor 14 and 15 have 8GB and 512GB memory, whereas Honor Magic Book Pro supports you with 16GB and 512GB memory.

Simple and Stylish Model

Honor Magic Book is for those who are looking for a simple and stylish laptop in the UK. Space gray color is cool and trendy enough for a laptop. At the same time, the manufacturer doesn’t install too many buttons on the body.

As a result, you only have to turn on the laptop and use it to finish all the jobs. This model makes you confident to bring the laptop to meet friends and colleagues.

Powerful Processor

One of the reasons why Hihonor became one of the recommended websites to buy laptops in the UK is because it offers high-quality laptops with a powerful processor. All of the laptops are using the latest AMD Ryzen processor series. This processor is powerful enough to make the laptop work in multi-tasking.

You can also open several programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, and FFmpeg smoothly on this laptop. Indeed, this product is a magic book.

Impressive Features

Another reason to buy Honor laptops is because of its impressive features. Let say the manufacturer supports the laptops with the latest fan model and even a dual-fan system.

These fans use more blades than the traditional version to control the airflow maximally. The better the airflow in the laptop, the lower the risk of overheating problems. The best thing is that the blades don’t produce noisy sounds.

This feature even reduces noisy sounds. The manufacturer also uses a fully laminated narrow bezel on the laptop screens. The function of this feature is to reduce the reflection of light. At the same time, it keeps your eyes watch clear and sharp colors on the screen.

One of the laptops applies a fingerprint button to give extra protection. All you have to do is put your fingerprint on the power button and the laptop turns on after a few seconds. So, it is only you who can turn on the laptop. It keeps your data safe when you don’t use the laptop.

Powerful Battery

Hihonor also introduces laptops with a powerful battery. Imagine that you can work with the laptops for around 10 to 11 hours non-stop in the fully recharged battery.

The impressive thing is that you don’t need to wait for the recharging process too long. The recharging process only takes half an hour and it is faster compared to the traditional recharging process.

Impressive Speakers

Gamers also need to consider these laptops not only because of the high resolutions but also impressive speakers. The speakers produce high sound quality. The combination of high image resolution and high-quality speakers will make you seem to go to a different world for a few hours.

Multi-Screen Collaboration

You can connect another device with this Magic Book device right away. The system supports you to connect the Honor smartphone and this device. It helps you a lot if you have to share a smartphone screen or files.

Interesting Bundle Deal

Hihonor also offers interesting bundle deals to its users. You can take the laptop, along with a mouse, backpack, earphone, or Band 5. It means that you will get an affordable laptop to support your jobs.
Now, you know where to go if you want to buy laptops in UK.

This website offers impressive laptop deals that make you work even better than before. You can use the laptop for gaming, working, completing assignments, editing, and other projects. The most crucial thing is that you get your favorite laptop at an affordable price.


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