Few Interactive Tips That Can Enhance Your Graphic Design Patterns

If you are good today, it is nice. But more important is to maintain that aura for the future. The key to success is to improve yourself and progress at a rapid pace. In the web designing world, it becomes a necessity to be outrageously unique and innovative. The aroma of a pretty graphic design is more than enough in giving profitable results to a business. It gives an overall beautiful appearance to the visitors at a first sight and ensures heavy organic traffic in turn.

There are several important aspects that can sum up creating a dazzling website design and a reliable web design and development company can do wonders in producing expected results. Learning few of the crucial tricks can add a professional feel to the graphics of your website and might also reinforce the sustainable growth of your business in terms of sales, revenues, and conversions.

6 C’s of a Graphic Design


It is tough to think for a graphic design that does not convey any message. A good design prompts the reader to action. A concept can also be started with drawing on a piece of paper. A simple sketch can quickly demonstrate and visualize the ideas without investing much time on the details.


A design is not worth if it is only decorated but does not communicate to the visitors. An engaging graphic design does not merely counts for throwing pictures and words onto a canvas, but should also serve some meaningful purpose. An element with no purpose is like a dumb terminal with no physical importance.

Another designing trick is to use elements like gradients and shadows but avoids using those effects to all your designs.

Choose Fonts

Decency is the major element of any graphic design and requires a fine balance between different fonts. A thorough understanding of typography and fonts is must because visitors might get frustrated when visiting a page that is filled with several fonts.


A rigorous knowledge about colors is quite beneficial as a fine color combination can give a big meaning to the audiences. A major point of focus here is to understand the basic taste of the audiences.

Like for say, the pink color is considered as a symbol of something soft and effeminate. Whereas, a red color is very compelling and can be used to highlight advertising. Similarly, blue is a calm color and can be rarely seen as a signage to grab the attention of the site visitors.


It is an intelligent thought to put a contrast in your design in order to create a great impact. A contrast can be simply understood as a dissimilarity between objects or entities being compared and can be used to highlight the major parts of a design. Some important methods of contrast are color, type, alignment, and size.

Create Negative Space

Creating negative space or white space and not filling it is a good habit for grabbing the user’s attention. This space keeps the unimportant objects apart from the focal point of the design.

In the course of filling all the negative spaces, the graphic design becomes visually strong to a great extent and push the people away. A wise decision in this context is to keep a balance in the design. This is because plentiful focal points are as boring as a page with text all around.

How to Add Professional Spark to a Graphic Design

1- You Have To Use Fewer Colors To Make It Professional

One of the best practice here is to use maximum 6 colors in body text, links, background, and other graphic elements. While using the photographic images, the overall tone of the image must work in compliance with other design elements.

One important aspect to be used in this context is ‘color symbolism’ which states which color to be used with which design element. Technically, all the elements with the same function must be of the same color and their hierarchy must be scrutinized.

2- It Is Suggested That Rectangular Shapes Must Be Avoided

When head text is made of images, it becomes important to create a text background as a graphic element, and it must be transparent or same just like the page background. The logic that runs behind is that a rectangular shape is treated as a symbol to stop, disconnect or control.

When rectangular shapes are not used, they give an impression of no boundaries that can be merged with other images and text as a set of one complex design. The resultant is a complete page which is not merely a text with few separated graphic chunks.

3- You Have To Be Real In Order To Be Natural

It is a beneficial approach to be natural in this real world to get better graphics. Human perception can create a nice impact when managed beautifully with abstract graphics amalgamated with some natural components.

For example, you can scan any photograph to use it as and when required in your design. It may sound unreal, but a picture has so much to do with the content of your website.

4- You Always Need To Be Anti-Alias

Anti-alias can be understood as a term used for soft and fragile edges of image elements that contain pixels with the color in between the background and foreground color of the elements.

These edges enable human eye to think of an image with high resolution as compared to the screen itself. As an exception, anti-aliasing is not advisable for images with horizontal and vertical lines.


This blog post is a small effort in the realm of graphic designing to make people aware of some of the interactive designing tips that they can use in their web designs to enhance its appearance.

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