The 6 Tips of Zaki Ameer on How to Manage Your Investment

Zaki Ameer is the founder of Dream Design Property and a real estate entrepreneur.

As Most real estate specialists and the media argue that timing is everything when it comes to investing, with traders needing to time their purchases based on market conditions. Do they have a valid argument?

In Australia’s median residential fee was $65,000 in 1980; it is now around $1 million. So in 36 years, there has been a 15-fold increase in the median fee. The main reason for that is time in the market, no longer timing if you bought and held onto some houses since then.

It is believed that understanding the normal relationship between the distinct levels within a market cycle will maximize investment returns. Some investors disagree. In what turned out to be a particularly negative time, there might be a long list of Australian property traders who took action as well as others who sat back and contemplated.

As an example, Zaki Ameer didn’t understand market cycles when he began investing but went on to build a portfolio of 10 houses totaling $3 million in a short period of time.

Developer Zaki Ameer, founder of DDP Property.

Despite investors shying away from Port Macquarie entirely since 2008’s GFC, Zaki bought a home for $80,000 in Port Macquarie.

Especially for the type of loan Zaki needed, banks had stopped offering loans. As a burned-down 3-bedder in need of repairs, Zaki’s possessions were valued at $280,000 after 3 months of looking for a contractor to renovate it, resulting in a 100,000 profit after the renovation.

Zaki Ameer, the founder of Today Real Estate, created Dream Design Property (DDP Property) in order to guide others in becoming self-reliant property investors.


The best time to shop has always been now, says Zaki. Investing is the best price because there is no work involved. Most people spend a lot of time agonizing over how they choose stuff and hoping for a few magical, “perfect” deals when they could have easily sold one or more amazing homes that appreciated in value as the market grew.

Zaki Ameer, the founder of Real estate, explains why traders should act now rather than wait any longer:

1- Invest in new infrastructure before it has been completed and the costs have risen. Residents are attracted to new schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.

2- According to Zaki Ameer, a real estate entrepreneur, there are many facts and studies available to a trader today, which makes getting it right easy. Information about growing markets, high condo go-back possibilities, and future infrastructure changes and developments in Australia will make identifying opportunities much easier.

3- Humans need to invest as early as possible in life so that they can take advantage of the point inside the market that will reach $6.4M in 2050. After purchasing a property, homeowners need to be patient with it and intend to keep it for a long time.

4- Due to historically low-interest rates, traders will likely invest more in real estate, pushing up house prices in new markets.


1- Typically, a capital increase is more expensive than a small change in the acquisition fee over the years. As the mortgage term extends and more homes are sold, this ‘price’ rises.

2- According to Zaki Ameer, founder of Zaki Ameer Real Estate, time heals all buying mistakes, so even if you do make a mistake, the growing market can correct it. You shouldn’t worry about short-term fluctuations when you remember that a successful assets portfolio is generally a ten to twenty 12 months plan.

One last thought!

Zaki Ameer is the founder and CEO of Dream Design Property (DDP Property), a unique wealth introduction software that enables Australians to attain economic freedom by matching each customer with a provider that meets their converting needs. Kickstart is DDP’s first low-priced software designed specifically for Gen Y’s to help them get their feet wet in the property market.

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