The beginner’s guide to use Instagram for business

Let’s just face something. Business right from the days of barter system till today has gone through a sea of change. And it is foolhardy to latch on to age-old methodology to make sure your business clicks. Be it promotions or just expanding your market, the best tool in the market right now, is, you guessed it – social media.

Almost every company in the world, right from Facebook and Google to the start-up born out of your college dormitory – everyone uses Social Media. If your business struggles with social media marketing, you should consider hiring an agency which will buzz your social media (Buzzvoice.com).

Orkut is out of business, Facebook has lost its sheen, and most of the millennials haven’t even heard of Myspace, so right now midway through 2019, when you are talking about social media, you are technically talking about Instagram –  the photo and video-sharing social networking service that has taken the digital world by storm.

So here are five ways to use Instagram to help you with your business.

Creating a profile

The first impression is the last. And this is definitely couldn’t be truer anywhere like it is on Instagram. So be it your personal account that you are using to promote your business, or if you have a business profile dedicated to the same. DECK it up well.

So check on your competitors’ profile, check what you have been missing and recreate in a way that it instills a lasting impression on your potential client. Be it your Display Picture, or your bio, or the stuff you post on that microblogging website, everything should guide your client towards your product and what goes into it.

Curate authentic content

Create content that will tickle the public imagination while promoting your product or service at the same time. And no, I am not talking about the “lot of hot girls in your area” publicity.

Surrogate publicity or ambush publicity works like a charm. With the right marketing, it is more or less possible to sell everything on the online domain. Right from Zomato, to Burger King everyone uses relatable ads and contents which help you associate it with the company furthermore.

Hashtags can take you a long way

In a world of SEO and digital marketing, it is very important to use tools like #hashtag and backlinks. These are the breadcrumbs which will lead your customer to your profile, and thereby, your product. They are the real source to get you more instagram views and likes on your posts.

It guides you to your targeted audience and builds an authentic audience with increased chances of transforming into real-time customers real soon. Create and use relatable hashtags and if it goes right, soon you will be at the top end of Instagram searches.

Consider Collaboration

Who is not aware of Instagram influencers and their extraordinary power to reach a massive audience all at once? Get in touch with these people and work in tandem to promote your business. This simply enhances your clientele. Use Influencers to push and promote your product on their respective profiles. This is where back link come into play again. Nearly 25 million business profiles are followed by 80% of all Instagram users. Well, we can’t deny, if done right this can work as a center stage to promote our product.

Launch Ad Campaigns

Most of these social media channels make their revenue from advertisement and Instagram is no different. You can put up your ads on this people-friendly social media channel just like you can at Times Square.

So the only difference is, while those ads at times square will only be visible to those who visit the iconic Times Square and avid followers of Yash Raj films, your ad will land upon the feed of every alternate Instagram user.

To put a number on it, it will be a staggering 1 billion people. So be it pumping up your profit or just good old promotion, Instagram will help you run your dream business.

Exclusive offers

Just like some digital e-commerce firms use their websites to sell certain flagship products exclusively on their websites, you can do the same. It will result in the following.

  • Your profile might soon be trending.
  • This, in turn, will bring in more prospective clients.
  • And, it will finally increase brand loyalty.

These were 5 ways for a beginner to start using Instagram for business. Good luck “capturing and sharing the world’s moments” (and your products too).

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwahttp://www.theroom.com.au
Umar Bajwa is a young business enthusiast and content coordinator loves to write about Business, Technology, Life Style & Digital Marketing


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