The Dangers of Pests to Your Health

Pests are dangerous. Their presence in our everyday lives is entirely malicious. While their existence in the ecosystem is equally important, you should start worrying when they make themselves comfortable in your home. Whether they leave their tiny droppings all over the floor, bite, sting, or scurry around your house, you can be sure that they pose a health risk to you and your family. Pests are naturally considered carriers of human diseases. In extreme cases, they can cause death; this is the primary reason why you should consider permanently eliminating them as soon as you spot them roaming around your home.

Each pest that sets camp in your home brings a distinctive kind of health threat and risk. Here is how pests can negatively affect your life.

They Bring or Trigger Allergies

Different insect species and rodents can subsequently cause or aggravate an allergy. They do not necessarily need to be in contact with the victim to cause harm. On the contrary, the mere presence of some pests in your home is enough to bring unimaginable harm to its occupants. Allergic reactions can range from simple itching, swelling and hives from bites and stings to seizures, fainting, asthma triggers or even death. Below are some of the pests that ultimately cause allergic reactions.


Their dander are a major trigger to people with asthma. They can easily aggravate the condition to a life-threatening level. Their droppings, on the other hand, carry different diseases that can cause allergen reactions.


We can all agree that roaches are not the cutest insects on the planet. Their mere presence is a total nuisance, and it depicts a very bad impression about your home. Cockroach droppings are a major cause of allergies and other bacterial diseases such as Typhoid fever.


Some people are severely allergic to bee stings. Aside from typically inflicting pain and causing inflammation, bee venom may cause a severe reaction to the immune system.

Pests are a Major Cause of Diseases and Infections

Rodents and insects such as mosquitos, flies and cockroaches, carry germs and bacteria that can be extremely dangerous to your health. They are mainly notorious for spending time in contaminated areas such as sewers. They will then pay a visit to your home and carry all the germs with them. The germs can cause various diseases, including Typhoid fever and severe diarrhea. Here are some of the conditions that are popular spread by pests.


The airborne particles from rodents’ droppings, urine and saliva are the primary sources of Hantavirus. This virus has a significant negative effect on your respiratory system.

Salmonella Typhi and E. coli Bacteria

Cockroaches, flies and rodents that rummage through waste and garbage and come into contact with any surfaces in your home can spread these dangerous bacterial infections.

Lyme Disease

This is a popular disease caused by ticks and fleas. Its symptoms include a severe red rash that spreads gradually around the body and flu-like symptoms.

Cause Bites and Stings

Bites and stings are some of the most immediate dangers of having pests around. While some pests may transfer deadly diseases to humans through their bites and stings, others may trigger life-threatening allergic reactions. Any kind of bite from a rodent, for instance, can cause a number of health complications, ranging from obvious pain and an open wound to the transfer of Hantavirus. Here are the consequences of bites and stings from pests.


These tiny pests can be a nightmare. They inflict pain and cause red sores.

Wasps and Bees

They account for a good number of hospitalizations. Their painful stings and venom are very dangerous.


While some species of spiders are harmless, others are extremely poisonous. It is, therefore, best to keep all spiders away from your home, as you may not have the knowledge of identifying the malicious type.

You can Protect your Health by Preventing Pests

Some DIY methods may only work temporarily, thus a recurrent pest problem in your home. However, you can eliminate pests permanently by hiring the services of pest control professionals such as Excel Pest Control. These experts have the right equipment and knowledge of pest removal services and they can identify even their most discreet hiding places. Keep your family healthy and safe by giving them a pest-free home.

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