What Type of Student Accommodations Should You Choose in Brisbane?

Your first step to a successful and enjoyable university year is finding suitable student accommodation. Choosing the wrong one can lead to stress, poor study habits, a lack of friends, and social life with students you don’t gel with.

With new units popping up every week in Brisbane, it could appear to be a daunting task to find the right option, like Iglu Student Accommodation for your needs and budget. So before you start looking at places, you should figure out what student accommodation will work best for you. Here are some tips for arranging the same.


According to the homestay programmes, an international student lives in the home of an Australian family. They are an excellent opportunity for international students to integrate into Australian culture completely. Secondary students and students studying in short-term English classes love these programmes.

Single or sharing rooms are commonly accessible, with prices ranging from AUD105 to AUD250 per week, depending on accommodation type. Although most meals are included in the price, self-catered homestay is also affordable.

Private Rented Houses and Rooms

It is the most popular and widely accepted choice among students. As facilities in the private real estate market, they are usually owned by landlords. Depending on the size of the building, students may usually share a house with several housemates (or flatmates). They are most often seen in student-heavy areas, but they’re also located in more varied regions. The quality will vary greatly, so choose the rental from landlords that your school has approved.

Private Halls

There are student housing facilities comparable to university student halls but maintained and managed by private companies. They are also convenient and provide many of the amenities that students need, but they are also the most costly choice. It’s helpful to know what’s included in your rental.

Guest House or Hostel Accommodation

Some international students might prefer to stay in guesthouses or hostels. In this type of accommodation, the bathroom and kitchen equipment is shared, and you have to cook for yourself. These rooms are usually less expensive than college or homestay accommodations, costing about AUD70-AUD125 per week. They also offer a beneficial opportunity for international students to engage socially.

On-Campus Housing

While many Australian students stay off-campus, some institutions provide accommodation to their students in residential colleges, hall of residency, or apartments. Since prices and ease of access to housing vary across the university, international students should inform their institution before arriving in Australia. Students can therefore apply early since these housing opportunities are scarce and in high demand. On-campus housing usually costs between AUD70 and AUD220 per week.


Some colleges rent out apartments to their students, either on or nearby the campus. Students have the protection of university-provided housing and the freedom of entirely self-catered living in this arrangement.

In The End

There are so many options for housing in Brisbane as it is home to a massive array of quality accommodation options, like Iglu Student Accommodation. Selecting from such a wide range means that you can find the perfect house or apartment for your lifestyle.

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