Top 5 Best Exercise for Golfers

Playing golf involves several swings that include sudden moments of force that may cause muscle imbalance. The muscle imbalance mostly may cause a lot of pain after play, and you may dislike golfing. The pain has always been linked to inadequate swing mechanisms that is a sign of body weakness caused by inflexibility.

Here are the five best exercises that will serve to loses your hopes as a golfer, stabilize your shoulders, and help to build strength for swinging while playing golf.

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Stretch Mini-Band Walk

Since golf always requires a stable base to allow for smooth swinging, you need to the strength of your legs. The stretch min-band offers a resistance of stretch on your legs, which in return strengthens and activates the glutes making you flexible when you swing at high speeds. You need to place the band around your legs, above the knee, and the other around the ankles. Then try to make small strides forward, make sure you keep your knees bent and alternating the elbows. When using this min-band, make sure you keep your back and knees straight.

Seated Rotations

The seated rotation is to ensure your waist rotation is flexible, which is vital towards perfecting playing golf. To achieve this exercise, squeeze a towel or a pad in between your knees, hold a club on your back so that the rests on your elbows. Place your arms on your stomach, and keep your posture. Rotate your torso to the right and hold in that position for about two seconds without moving your hips. Ease to the normal position, then repeat the process to the left then hold again for two seconds. Repeat this around ten times for each side per session.

Hand walks exercise

The hand walks Exercise help prevent ‘golfer’ elbow, which reduces the risk of injuring your shoulder when playing golf. This is a simple exercise that you can do at home. While standing up, bend your waist forward and let your hand touch the ground. Slowly move up your hands into the pushup position. While on this position, make sure your knees are kept straight and walk your toes towards your hands. When you start feeling a stretch, release yourself. Then repeat the process for about ten times.

Hip Crossovers

Hip Crossovers serve to twist your lower body that helps to stretch the muscles and tendons in the lower back and the hips, which is the best for any golf player. This will help to stimulate the torque on your hip at the upper part of the backswing then to the follow-through. You can achieve the Hip Crossovers quickly at home or on the golf training camp. Lie while facing up with your arms on sides, bend your knees, stretch your feet more comprehensive than the shoulder width, and your heels firmly held on the ground. Twist your legs while turned to the left side till they touch the ground and to the right. Continue swinging to the right and left for some minutes, and Hip Crossovers will be achieved.

Literal Pillar Bridge

Literal Pillar Bridge helps to keep off the back pain by opening up your hips. To achieve Literal Pillar Bridge exercise, lie straight on your side with your elbow under your shoulder. Push your hip slightly above the ground to create a straight line from the shoulder to the ankle and hold on this position for some 10 minutes. Do this on both sides.


As a golfer, you should master the above top 5 exercises for you to make the game enjoyable.

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