Top Tier Tech Tools And Instruments That Help In Education

As a teacher, you’re always looking for ways to help improve the learning of your students. They’re becoming more tech savvy than ever, so you need to be able to keep up with them. This list of tools will give you some excellent ways to involve technology in learning and keep your students engaged.

1- Cool Math 4 Teachers: This site has a plethora of games and activities that will inspire students to enjoy math as a subject. The teacher’s version of the site features the games that you can give to your students to play, as well as a large array of teaching tools you can use in your lessons.

2- Youtube: This vastly popular tool is used for all sorts of reasons, but did you know you can use it in education? There’s a huge range of educational material on the site, which you can show in classes. If you screen material before you use it, this can be a great tool for engaging visual learners.

3- Best Australian Writers: This tool is one that you can recommend to students who need some help with their writing skills. They can use it to find an online tutor, who will work with them in their writing and help identify where they need to improve. It can do a lot for a student’s confidence in their writing, so give them the help they need.

4- Google Drive: This tool is something that all teachers should introduce their students to. They can use it to write and back up their work, either at school or at home. It can go a long way towards avoiding any ‘lost work’ issues that often crop up.

5- Edmodo: This tool is a kind of social network for students, teachers, and parents to connect and talk to each other with. You can share learning materials on there, and keep up to date with anything that’s happening with your students that could affect their learning. It’s a great way to stay in touch.

6- Funbrain: This site contains all kinds of activities that your students can do to learn. There are educational games that cover everything from shapes to algebra, as well as videos and books that your students can share with others online. There’s something for every subject here, so it’s worth a look.

7- Cite It In: Many students find themselves accused of plagiarism, even if they haven’t intended to do so. The problem comes about when they don’t cite their sources properly. This can be avoided if they use this tool. Give it the source you’re using, and it will give you the correct citation to use in the text. It’s incredibly helpful for young writers.

8- Power School: This tool is a unified system that helps you manage everything about your classroom. Use it to keep attendance, grade work, and more. Thanks to the fact it’s a unified system, you can access any information you need, wherever you are.

9- How Stuff Works: Students are always curious about how things work. If you want to pique their interest, this site is a great place to start. It covers a huge array of topics, from how accents come about to imagining how a colonised Mars would look. It can be a great jumping off point for a debate.

These tools can help you bring technology into the classroom in new and exciting ways. Whether you’re using it to manage the details or show your students something new, you know that it will be enriching their experience.

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