Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

What is cosmetic dentistry?

In the dentistry business, dynamics have played a superior role. Many new treatments and advancements in dental technology have made everything possible. Never worry about the poor or worse condition of the teeth, as it is now easy to get the solution of the teeth. It is nothing but cosmetic dentistry.

Crooked teeth, discolored teeth, cracked teeth, misaligned, misshapen, the gap between the teeth, etc are corrected by cosmetic dentistry, aiming in giving beautiful smiles. Cosmetics dentists work hard to give the best results and best treatment plans to the patients. Below is the information about the types of cosmetic dental treatments across Mumbai.

It is necessary to search for the best dentist in Mumbai that gives remarkable results about the cosmetic treatment. But before that, it is necessary to know the types of cosmetic dentistry.

  1. Inlays and Onlays

Dental fillings that can be indirectly fixed are called inlays and Onlays. They are the fillings made up of gold, porcelain, or composite material that does the work of filling the decayed or damaged teeth. The procedure of inlays and Onlays is done during the clinic visit where the inlays and Onlays are made in the laboratory and fixed by the dentist. When the filling material is bonded onto the center of the tooth, the procedure is Inlay, while Onlays is said when the fillings of the tooth cover more than one point of the biting surface. Inlays and Onlays are the best alternatives to the crown. Search for the best dentist in Mumbai for the best treatment.

  1. Composite Bonding

A filling that represents a tooth-like color is called resin. In cosmetic dental producers, the resin is fixed on teeth to make it look straighter and brighter. In the treatment of composite bonding, there is no age limit required, as anyone of any age can opt for this treatment. The only limit for the treatment is that your teeth should be slightly straight, as the overcrowded teeth can’t support the bonding. Cosmetic bonding treatment is the easiest and less expensive in cosmetic procedures. The composite resin is polished and happens that can match the surrounding teeth. The convenience of wearing bonding will help to correct the appearance of the chipped and discolored teeth. It is the exact alternative of the amalgam fillings, that protects the portion of the root that has been affected badly by gum diseases.

  1. Dental Implants

As the name says, Dental implants are the dental instruments that are fixed in the gap of the missing tooth. They are ideally made up of titanium, a metal-like material that gives the socket a complete look. The procedure of fixing the dental implants requires 2 to 3 visits to the dentist. The procedure involves inserting an abutment in the roots to make the implant stable for a longer time. Lastly, the tooth is covered with a crown or a filling, giving the artificial tooth a familiar look.

  1. Porcelain crown

A porcelain crown is also known as a dental cap, used as the protection to the decayed and damaged tooth that has been affected above the gum line. It is a restoration procedure that shappen, resize, increases strength, and corrects appearance. Crowns play a supportive role to protect the weak tooth from getting damaged. In a cosmetical procedure, crowns are used for the teeth that are misshapen and discolored.

  1. Veneers

A veneer is a custom made tooth that is placed in the front surface. Veneers are a major selection for many cosmetic reasons like makeover pitted, chipped and broken teeth, to lengthen teeth, for discoloration (only when bleaching is not the solution). The results of the treatment will give a beautiful smile.

  1. Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic contouring is a process of giving the teeth a perfect shape that brings self- confidence to your smile. Cosmetic contouring not gives perfect shape and smile but also improves the appearance of worn, damaged, or irregularly shaped teeth. During the treatment of cosmetic contouring worn edges are eliminated. Through this procedure, teeth are given a perfect shape to make it attractive. Even though there is drastic change involved but it works great, changing the overall appearance of the teeth. In the procedure, the dentist removes a bit of enamel to give the teeth an actual shape. The teeth are shaped, angles are rounded, sculpting it better, and earing the sharp curves of the tooth.

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