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Are you looking for username generator websites? to find random and unique usernames then keep reading this article.

The Internet ain’t what it used to be. Twenty years ago—heck, even ten years ago—if you wanted to sign up for a given website, you could choose any random username, slide your password into the little box, and have that be it. But now, in today’s Internet—where literally more than 3 billion people are connected to the Internet, as per the United Nations—you’d be lucky to find a unique username.

After all, how many usernames out there are basically a first name and a year of birth, plus maybe an initial? The answer numbers easily in the thousands. No matter what kind of username you choose, someone out there has already chosen something along the same lines—and possibly even on the same website, thereby preventing you from choosing that name entirely.

Fortunately (in the words of everyone’s favorite Apple commercials), there’s an app for that. Or, more specifically, a whole host of apps, known as the random username generator, in which usernames are randomly generated based either on your tastes, interests and hobbies, or nothing at all, being in this case truly “random” in the proper sense of the word. In either case, both types of generators will help you find that one username that has yet to be used anywhere on the Internet, and which might even be a handle that you continue to use, on different platforms, several years from now.

#1. Seventh Sanctum

Talk to any writer of fantasy works, and chances are they’ll all know what Seventh Sanctum is: a database of excellent username generators. Not only does it offer thousands of randomized names for users to choose from,  but these names fall into a plethora of different categories: Greek names, fantasy names, vampire names, dark-sounding or supervillain names, pirate ship names…. Really, if you’re at all interested in fantasy, science-fiction, or related geek activities, then this is the perfect generator for you. But on the other hand, if you’re more interested in other categories of things (such as sports and non-geek franchises), then you might have trouble finding a username that suits your tastes.

#2. Rum and Monkey Name Generator

Rum and Monkey are both organized and fun: there are different categories to choose from, so you’ll have good control over the username that you eventually end up choosing, and can choose something that specifically relates to your interests. Some of the categories include names drawn from Korea, ancient Greece, the Minions franchise, high-fantasy monsters, and military language. Many of the names can also be made to resemble your real name: you can maintain your own identity in your online world. They’re also organized by gender.

But for all its cool benefits, Rum and Monkey wasn’t developed with the intent of creating usernames, but rather names (such as character names, fake names, and code names) in general. This means that it might be difficult to find a username that, well, sounds like a username (especially seeing as only one name is generated at a time).

#3. Jimpix

Jimpix is great because it takes control of the entire process for you. Simply input your name or a word that you feel describes you best, and out comes an awesome username, tailored to your own needs and tastes. You can choose from twenty-five at a time—that’s how many are in each batch—which means that you’ll save time on pressing the “show me my username” button. There are also sections of the website which will help you come up with usernames of either one word each, or which will help you create names for different social-media websites.

Jimpix is a great tool because it’s easy to use, with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Also, it has different categories of usernames to choose from, including the cool username generator and the unique username generator. You can also experiment with usernames by using its fun username tool so that you can play around with possible names to your heart’s content. This is great because it allows you more freedom to explore different names and see what you’re interested in, rather than simply picking and choosing a name from a generated list.

#4. The Cool Name Generator

This generator will allow you to develop the name that’s perfect for your online identity: it can create names that are male, female and unisex, and you can even input your own name as a variable to personalize the creation.

#5. SpinXO

You use SpinXO by inputting items in various relevant categories: such as names, numbers, hobbies, and words that mean a lot to you. Upon running the random username generator for the first time, you’ll immediately get 30 usernames. Simply refresh to find some more. You can also verify if the generated usernames have been used on many social-media and network websites (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Tumblr). It’s amazing that SpinXO allows you to check if usernames are already in use, since that saves you a lot of time. Imagine crafting the perfect username, clicking that golden “sign up” button, and entering your masterpiece…only to be told that someone else is already using. SpinXO allows you to circumvent that problem entirely by checking if a unique username you’re interested in is already in use. On the downside, using the app takes more time, since there’s more information to input (preferences, hobby, favorite number, favorite word).

#6. Fantasy Name Generators

The random username generator from this website will create a whole host of interesting usernames for you, including results like “ElectricElf” and “Dinosoaring”. That is to say, it combines relevant words and tags in its own database to come up with the perfect randomized username. It also allows you the option of inputting one or two words to spice up the usernames, which are delivered in batches of ten at one time. Although this username generator is a lot of fun, particularly if you’re interested in fantasy and sci-fi, it generally employs the portmanteau format (i.e., two words stuck together), which means that the names can get a little boring after a while.

#7. Fake Name Generator

One cool thing about the Fake Name random unique username generator is that it will give you an identity—date of birth, job info, address, and so forth—in addition to just a username. Of course, this is useful for stories and role-playing game…but it’s also useful if you’re creating an online account for whatever reason and don’t want the company or advertisers to know your real name (such as when signing petitions). In this case, you can simply take note of the information, and then use it the next time the dreaded fillable forms pop up. Hmm, seems like, with this app, you won’t have to question whether you input your real birthday or “January 1st, 1989” on a sketchy-looking website.

#8. Screen Name Generator

Like many of the other choices on this list, the Screen Name username generator works via your own inputs. However, in this case, the inputs are much more simple: you need only choose two words which you enjoy or find relate to you in some way. The app will then combine them, adding something in between to make the name unique. The benefit of this generator is that it’s simple, easy to use, and doesn’t require a lot of time: you need only enter the two words, and then you’re set. One drawback, however, is that it limits your options for usernames: the two words will always be in the generated options. You simply can’t escape from them.

#9. Speedy Password

This simply-titled username generator is a great choice for creating a unique username: it features several categories to choose from, including hero/heroine, supervillain, space-based, and Shakespearean usernames. These categories will help you add a touch of flair and fantasy to whatever username you end up choosing. But it functions not only by creating a unique username but also by creating a safe password that you can use for this username. In other words, you can finally stop scratching your head over adding the right number of capital letters and weird punctuation, since the app will do it for you. This is ideal because, if you use it for multiple websites, then you can save one unique password for each username, rather than using the same password (or, even worse, the same username-password combination) for everything. This will help you browse more safely when you’re using the Internet.

The Best Username Generator for you and Your Tastes

When all’s been said and done, the modest random username generator is a great tool for helping you survive in the competitive online world of 2018. It will help you not only develop a unique username—inasmuch as the website you’re on doesn’t have someone with that name in their database yet—but it will also ensure that this name is used nowhere else on the Internet. Everyone wants to find their place in the world (or on the Internet), and the generator will help you with that: it’ll help you find a name that is truly unique, just like you are.

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