What Are The Safest Playground Surfaces?

When constructing a playground, whether or not for a school, network, or residential property, not anything is greater essential than protection. One of the vital components of a secure playground is the surfacing fabric used.

Looking for the fine fabric in your playground surface? As a playground necessity, 안전놀이터surfacing cushions falls. No depend on what precautions mother and father, instructors, and different caregivers take, falls are inevitable sometimes. Children leap from swings or roughhouse on playsets while mother and father flip their heads. Sometimes kids lose their stability on a bit of equipment. When this happens, they want to land on something gentle and thick sufficient to take in the effect and save you minor damage from becoming an excessive one.

According to the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS), almost 70 percent of all playground accidents are because of falls. Fortunately, maximum accidents are preventable, and selecting secure floor substances can significantly lessen the severity of the damage.

Zeager secure playground surfaces

If you’re now no longer positive about what playground protection floor fabric to use, Zeager Bros., Inc. is right here to assist. We’ll display you the most secure playground floor fabric, and we’ll list substances you need to keep away from. A secure, laugh playground is positive to carry a few years of joy. Let us assist you to create a playground that promotes health, happiness, and playtime outside.



All notable playground surfaces are secure, examined to contemporary requirements, and visually appealing. However, on the subject of protection, no different fabric outshines engineered timber fiber (EWF). With its advanced capabilities for cushioning falls or impacts, unfastened-fill fabrics are the most cost-effective surfacing choice for playgrounds. Loose-fill surfaces, like EWF, are smooth to put in and preserve to the desired depth. Other examples of unfastened-fill consist of sand, pea gravel, and timber chips. However, those substances do now no longer follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). EWF is through a long way the most secure and absorbs an effect of as much as 12 ft while well maintained at a 12-inch thickness. Although it seems like timber mulch, EWF is designed especially for playground protection.

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EWF is exceptional than big timber chips in its fibrous texture. These small fibers weave collectively tightly to create a dense, organized floor to satisfy accessibility recommendations and take in impacts. EWF is sustainable and all-herbal. When made in a Zeager-legal location, EWF comes from clean timber that couldn’t be used for lumber. Zeager by no means makes use of tree species that are probably endangered.

This sort of floor is cheap and smooth to put in, however, it does want ordinary protection to hold accessibility in excessive-use regions including slide exits and under swings. Installing put-on mats like our TuffMatsⓇ in excessive-use regions creates a secure, available ground area even as requiring less protection to maintain those regions compliantly.

Engineered timber fiber blessings

EWF is a famous surfacing fabric as it gives several blessings including:


Strong shock-soaking up qualities

Meets accessibility requirements if well established and maintained

Very cheap

However, EWF is not without its own drawbacks, so it’s important to know what to expect before you invest in this material. These include:

Requires periodic replenishment

Could cover overseas objects

Requires recurring protection for ADA compliance

Overall, EWF prevails because of the fine fabric for playground surfaces, and, as a bonus, is likewise a cost-effective desire.


Although EWF is the fine floor for a playground, you would possibly pick out different substances relying on your situation. For example, a few playground surfaces are less difficult to preserve for ADA compliance than EWF. However, EWF packs down tightly to permit get admission for all kids. We’ll discover different secure playground floor substances underneath so that you can discover the precise desire in your circumstances.


Poured-in-area rubber is regularly used at accommodations or enjoyment parks due to the fact it’s far to be had in lots of exceptional designs and colors. Public playgrounds commonly keep away from poured-in-area rubber due to its cost. Yet, due to its degree of balance and sturdiness, it’s taken into consideration one of the fine substances for playground surfaces. Nevertheless, poured-in-area rubber gives blessings including:

The high degree of firmness and balance

More long-lasting

No want to fear approximately hid objects

The excellent desire for ADA compliance

Disadvantages of poured-in-area rubber consist of:


Requires excessive ability degree for set up

Can harden through the years with publicity to ultraviolet (UV) mild or excessive temperatures


Synthetic turf changed into added with inside the Nineteen Sixties however didn’t emerge as full-size till the 1980s. As the call implies, artificial turf changed at the beginning made its appearance and sense like herbal grass. However, it’s far ever-evolving as a secure floor fabric. It’s a famous desire for athletic fields, and there are presently over 12,000 sports activities fields inside the United States that use artificial turf.

Synthetic turf is a unitary fabric because of this that it’s far shaped right into a strong or semi-strong floor not like unfastened substances including EWF. Unitary substances are commonly greater luxurious than unfastened-fill and are regularly greater tough to put in. However, you would possibly pick out artificial turf like our progressive ADA-compliant Rebase® artificial grass to revel in the subsequent blessings.

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