What Shoes to Wear This Summer?

New trends occupy the runways every year in fashion capitals such as New York, Milan, Paris, and London. Among clothes, bags, and other accessories, shoes are usually the main concern of fashionistas across the globe. However, the shoes labeled as chic by the world’s most notable designers aren’t generally practical for everyday use.

Luckily, this year, we’ve got new rules and trends to follow. Fashion houses realized people need both comfortable and pretty shoes. Thanks to these criteria, slides quickly reached the top of the list. If you haven’t heard, they are already top-selling pieces when it comes to ideal shoes to wear this summer, and for good reasons too.

Wear Them Almost Anywhere

Before you start planning your cool summer outfits, get yourself a pair of shoes you can wear anytime and anywhere. Freedom Moses and their trendy selection of khaki slides will come in handy regardless of the situation.

Planning a beach trip? This perfect footwear is the best option to protect your feet from the burning-hot sand. Going to the park for an afternoon recreation? Style them with shorts and a shirt, and you’ll be good to go. Your friends are calling to join them for a quick drink? Well, by now, you probably know what your choice of footwear should be.

Apart from casual clothes, you can also style this versatile footwear with more elegant pieces such as dresses and skirts and wear them as a part of your summer-evening combination.

Pick Any Classic Color

When buying shoes, people usually go for universal colors that can be combined with almost anything. Colors like black, white, brown, and grey might be considered safe, but they will elevate any outfit as well. To make your choice a bit more diverse, we advise you to throw in khakis in the mix.

Just think of khaki slides combined with some brighter colors like yellow, green, or orange. Wouldn’t that be a breath-taking outfit everyone would like to copy? Even if creative color mixing isn’t really your cup of tea, you can always wear those khaki shoes with anything else that you have in your closet.

However, if you prefer to mix and match with some more vivid colors, you won’t have trouble finding them with this first-class slides designer.

Comfort Is a Must

Summer can sometimes be too hard to handle due to unbearable heat. Add uncomfortable shoes to it, and you will get a day to remember — but quite unpleasantly. For this reason, summer shoes must be as comfortable as possible.

One of the best examples of comfy footwear includes slides, particularly high-quality ones such as those designed by Freedom Moses. Not only will your feet thank you, but you’ll also draw all the attention in your direction. These marvelous shoes will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, and they will undoubtedly become your go-to choice whenever you head to.

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