What Skills Do You Need to Be an Economist?

Economists are lucky enough to have a job that many view as recession-proof because a recession is when we need them most.  Because of this and the high yearly salary, many people who consider a change of job or study look into becoming an economist.

Unfortunately, this isn’t easy work, and there are tons of requirements that pop up when someone is trying to get a job as a professional in this field.  Here are the top skills you should have to become an economist and why these professionals matter.

Analytical Abilities

Do you have a keen eye for detail?  If you’re able to look at a large amount of information and break it down into more manageable pieces, you may be well suited to this line of work.  An economic expert is there to simplify some of the most complex systems that keep our country up and running.  If that seems like too much for you, this line of work might not be the best fit for you.

A Skill With Numbers

How do you feel about math?  Economics is a study of percentages, fractions, money, and numbers when it comes to shares.  If you’re the type of person who jokes about how much you hate math, this isn’t the line of work for you.  The only way around this is to make yourself into a person who loves math, but that can be difficult for many people over twenty.  Once we set patterns in our lives, they’re hard to break.

Writing Skills

How well do you write?  If you have trouble stringing a sentence together that can be easily read and understood, it might be hard for you to write a report on your findings.  There’s nothing wrong with this, there are tons of math-based jobs that don’t need writing skills, but unfortunately, this skill is vital for economists.

Good Communication Skills

On top of writing well, you have to be capable of being understood by others.  Even if you’re giving someone good news, if you can’t explain it to them in terms they know, they may get confused and uncertain.  Do people often ask you to repeat yourself or clarify a sentence?  If so, work on your communication skills before becoming an economist.

Ability to Handle Details

Detailed work is almost all of an economist’s job.  Any tiny change in the market can change how the economy is sitting.  You must be capable of spotting these and know-how other changes may interact with this and cause conflict or resolve issues.


The economy is constantly changing; it’s like a living thing that changes every aspect of our daily lives, even when we’re not paying attention to it.  If you want to become an economist, you must roll with the punches and change and grow with the economy.  If you want a job that never changes and is the same thing day after day, this isn’t the work line for you.

Steve Max
Steve Maxhttp://www.webzando.com/
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