Why Brands Test New Products by Launching Pop-Up Shops

The strategies of using pop-up stores for marketing and product testing were not prevalent a few years ago. However, they are quickly gaining the attention of more and more e-commerce businesses every year. It gives brands an excellent chance to test how successful a particular product might prove to be, without committing to a brick-and-mortar location.

Brands work with pop up shop agencies to open these temporary stores. Since it will only be open for a limited time, everything should be perfect. These little shops can be a great way to find out, first hand, how people might respond to a new line of merchandise.


Hiring a research marketing firm to provide a detailed report is mostly affordable by the major players in each industry. Regardless, big and small businesses are taking advantage of these offline strategies as they can have a high impact.

Pop-up shops help businesses that do not have enough funds to open a conventional retail store or employ research companies.

Since these are small and temporary stores, their total costs are typically much lower. The shorter rental agreement has much to do with low expenses. Furthermore, these stores don’t necessarily require storage areas, which also significantly reduces costs.

Allows Facetime with Consumers

Pop-up shops enable brand owners to get instant feedback on their new line of products. It helps understand how well the merchandise is performing with the customers, in the form of sales and profits.

The staff can communicate with shoppers and conduct small surveys to get real-time feedback. That is very beneficial as people skip online questionnaires to avoid wasting any time. By asking one or two short questions to handpicked consumers, it is possible to get their views and opinions.

Educate Customers on the New Products

When a specific brand is trying to launch a series or a single product that is complicated, having a pop-up event can be vital in educating the customers. Since everyday items don’t necessarily require a demonstration.

Even if there are many similar products in the market, the customers might still be intrigued by experiencing it first-hand. After all, there have to be some unique features that make the merchandise stand out.

One critical way to market the pop-up shop for the product would be to advertise on websites that are hosted by experts in that particular field. They can drive countless consumers to the shop to test out the features.

Generate Sales before the Actual Launch

Another thing most business owners do is give their customers a chance to pre-order the products. It can be an excellent way to generate sales before the formal launch of the merchandise in the open market, or online.

However, this is only beneficial if the pop-up show’s primary purpose is to showcase the new line and give the people a look at what they can expect very shortly from the brand.

Pop-ups are an excellent way for entrepreneurs thinking of getting in the e-commerce game, or current online store owners looking to expand their catalogs.

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