Why Self-Care is The Most Lucrative Investment You Will Make in This Lifetime

We never miss deadlines. We exceed targets. We strive to learn and succeed fast. And when the stress and drama creep in, the first thing that we ditch is our self-care practices. Humans are unfortunately conditioned to believe that self-care is a luxury that is only afforded by the yoga-bending or part-time working individuals. And yet the most successful minds of our time are always proclaiming that self-care is the secret to success and sanity. Follow these five self-care steps to find out how your self-investment will bear fruit in your personal and professional lives.

#1. Simplifying

To expand and grow your business and career, you need to first simplify. To the overachiever, this might be hard to swallow. The fact is, attempting too much will mean you spread yourself too finely over important tasks which won’t give each task the 100% attention they need. Instead of madly multitasking, try to complete one thing at a time. Scheduling this into your 2019 diary can be incredibly helpful in prioritising tasks and keeping you focused.

#2. Asking for help

Asking for help is a power move. And as far as self-care goes, it lends yourself to be supported by a greater network of friends, family and your peers. When you are pursuing your career aspirations, your self-preservation is an important element and when this mission is shared by your loved ones, you can go the distance. It also promotes an understanding from others and allows people to do the same. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, sometimes your new business or lofty career heights need the support of a greater community.

#3. Stick to your hours

Simple, right? Most of us intend to work only our 7.6 hours, and yet there is always that last minute deadline or meeting you are pulled into. Working your set hours is an instant self-care practice that will add immediate value, and will actually make you more productive. That lingering chat in the hallway won’t seem as important when you know you have to walk out the door at 5pm, so watch your project management skills improve when you put this one in practice.

#4. Take your holidays

If you are someone who thinks everyone else is always on holidays except you, it is time for a holiday. Taking the time to reset and completely relax might be what you and your business needs. If you deny yourself holidays, the line between work and play blurs which results in an unhealthy ‘always on’ approach to work and technology. Before you check the expiry of your passport, remember that a holiday could be an interstate trip or a couple of weeks at home.

#5. Set boundaries

Anyone serious about succeeding professionally will have some boundaries. This is the ultimate self-care measure and will make you stronger than you can imagine. The power of saying no tells the recipient that you value respect, and sets the boundary for the future of the relationship. Setting boundaries with clients can be tough, and setting boundaries with colleagues and management can be tougher. Stick to your guns and respect your boundaries.

When we imagine a lucrative future, you may not think that self-care would be such a contributing factor. However, once you take the lead from some of the most iconic entrepreneurs and business owners, you will see that self-care is not just lucrative, but a way of life.

John Morris
John Morrishttps://www.tenoblog.com
John Morris is a self-motivated person, a blogging enthusiast who loves to peek into the minds of innovative entrepreneurs. He's inspired by emerging tech & business trends and is dedicated to sharing his passion with readers.


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