Yoga Poses Meant to Improve Digestion

Practicing yoga has many benefits, but a lot of people do not know that some sequences of yoga postures also have the ability to improving the way their digestive system feels and works. Your digestive system does a lot of nonstop work and because of the fact that sometimes a hectic way of life or a poor diet can intervene in the proper functioning of it, you sometimes experience acid reflux, diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, constipation or pain. However, you should know that yoga sessions can help with all that. Hatha yoga can not only prevent these types of problems, but also help if it comes to dealing with them. Certain postures that are not difficult to learn or to do can easily be incorporated into any kind of routine. However, what can really make them work are short sequences meant to link postures together. These can easily be practiced at home.

You may need best yoga mats of 2021 for this purpose. You can start this routine by sitting on the mat with your knees bent. You should lay back on your heels and then rotate your body as much as you can to the right. While holding this position for ten seconds, you should breathe through your nose. After returning to the center you must continue by doing the same rotation, but to the left. In order to continue, you must spread your arms forward. This is called the Child’s Pose. It would be recommended to place your posterior upon your heels, but if you cannot do it, you can just open your knees, but at the same time keep your feet stuck to one another. At this point, breathing should be done normally. From this pose you should round up in the Cat Stretch one. This can be done by orienting your pelvis in the air and by tucking your chin in your chest. Your back should be rounded up, but your arms must remain straight. Moreover, your hips should be aligned in the same line with your knees. While exhaling, you should tilt your pelvis in a down movement and at the same time arch your back. Your eyes should be looking up. The movement between the Cat and Dog stretches should be done about five times before coming into the Child’s Pose again.

The second sequence should be started while laying on your back. Your legs should be extended out and your knees should be brought up to your chest. In order to hold your knees up you can use your hands’ interlaced fingers. Your elbows must be lifted up so that your lungs stay open. Without pushing your knees, you should round up on your back, but still be able to see your extended legs before you. This pose should be maintained for 5 seconds. This pose must be done alternatively with both legs and then with both of them at the same time. In turn, this pose will massage your lower digestive system but also your lower back. However, this pose must be followed by the Savasana resting pose.

The last sequence should start with you laying back. Your knees must be brought towards your chest, your arms must be wrapped around your knees. You must maintain this pose for 10 seconds. Then you can release your knees, but still keep them bent. While moving them out to one side you can extend your arms as well and also ground your shoulders, plus your palms to the floor. You can then lower your feet together with your knees to the right while maintaining the position of your hands. Your look should be up. You can repeat this on the left side as well. This must be followed by moving your legs from one side to the other several times. You must be careful at your breath while doing this, because you should exhale while lowering your legs and inhale while lifting them up. You should do the rotations about 5 times and hold the last ones for 10 seconds. You must finish off with the initial position in which you started the first sequence, meaning laying on your back. The three sequences can be repeated 3 times but not before resting for a couple of minutes on the mat.


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