4 Rules For Hiring a Lawyer You Should Know In Everyday Life

In our turbulent times, more than ever, everyone needs a lawyer. A lawyer is not required only for an ordinary citizen, an entrepreneur but as life shows, and a judge needs him, a prosecutor and even a lawyer need a lawyer.

Lawyer is a specialist who works closely with a particular family and is informed of all of her affairs, in order to provide legal assistance at any time if necessary.

By hiring a family lawyer, you get ongoing professionals assistance from a person who can prevent a problem without bringing the solution to court. Here are the 4 rules you should know while hiring a Lawyer.

How to choose a lawyer: The most important and difficult task is to choose a specific person who has the right to practice law. As for me, it is better to leave your choice to that lawyer to whom you can tell what others do not need to know and whom you will trust more than others. There may be times when you will not see him, they will advise you to refuse him, etc., but you should have faith and knowledge that at that time he gives all the best to 100% and does everything possible to help you.

How to arrange a relationship with a lawyer. Conclude a contract with a lawyer in advance. You can call him right now and ask him to sign a contract with you just in case of fire. Perhaps in the future, the implementation of this advice will save you from many troubles.

A “lawyer with a contract” has a much higher chance of finding you in the dungeons of obscure gray sullen institutions than without him.

Discussion of the nuances: Talk with your lawyer, all sorts of cases and options for ways to notify him of the need to rush to your aid. Be sure to take all kinds of contact information from him, as well as his relatives (both family members and colleagues). Designate with him also those who on your behalf, can contact him (spouse, children, parents, etc.) if you are outside the access areas.

How to pay the lawyer: Paying a lawyer is a sensitive issue, so discuss it in advance. Usually, payment is practiced for a certain period (year, month) during which the lawyer agrees to come to you in case of unforeseen circumstances. If you have a quiet and measured life, then after the contract, you can set in advance the approximate amount of the attorney’s fee for the “fast departure.” In any case, discuss this point, because a lawyer is also a person, and he must know for what reason he refuses at the current minute and how his expenses will be covered, at least for the trip to you.


Thus, one of the most critical points is how much you trust a lawyer! In other words, it’s the psychological factor that determines your choice of lawyer at Konicek Law. If you have a feeling of discomfort after consulting a lawyer, there are doubts about his competence, contact another lawyer. Make up your mind and make a choice. If the lawyer treats the client with respect and provides the proper service, both the client and the lawyer will be satisfied with each other and will benefit from it.

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