4 Small Business Marketing Tips That Actually Matter

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. All it takes to be one, after all, is a good skill set. Skills that can be learned, acquired, and developed through strong dedication and perseverance. On top of having a diverse skill set, having a good hand in marketing is also a focal requirement in being an entrepreneur – especially when you’re planning to open your own business.

Small businesses are popping up everywhere nowadays. But really, how do you graduate from being a small time business to a worldwide phenomenon? Well, the secret lies in how well you manage your marketing activities. Dream big but take baby steps.

Here are some excellent tips to help you start:

#1. Target A Specific Market

Small businesses don’t remain small for very long – that is, if you know how to build your market! When growing a business, the first thing you should consider is people. Who will be buying your products? Who will be most interested in your services? Who will gain the most benefit out of your offers? Thing is, you need to define who you’re going to sell to before you even start marketing your product. Because if you don’t, your whole marketing strategy will be wobbly – like, it has no real backbone. You wouldn’t know where it’s going because you never really defined who it’s for.

So, choose a specific market. If, by any chance, you’re selling sweet treats, then your most ideal market is young people. Also, think local. Who in your town or city will most likely buy your product? Is it the children attending grade school? Or, is it the female university students who are fond of doing study groups? Whoever they are, find them. And find a marketing strategy that fits them specifically.

#2. Only Spend What You Can Earn Back

As a small business, you should know your place. You should know what you can and cannot do. Sure, marketing is important. It’s a way to drive in customers and grow your business. But while your business is still small, you should know exactly how far you can stretch your budget for marketing purposes. Don’t be too excited and spend money you can’t afford to lose on marketing strategies.

Say, you’ve recently opened a local bakery. Sure, you’re the product is excellent and the whole world deserves to know it. But is it really necessary to air a commercial on TV right then and there? Unless you’re an off-shoot company of Coca-Cola or Nike, going all out on marketing expense for a new product is plain suicide. Before you make any drastic moves, know what you can lose.

#3. Diversify Your Marketing Strategies

In many instances, one size does not fit all. So what works for one type of customer may not work well with another. People have different tastes, personalities, and preferences, you see. In order to accommodate all this diversity, you need to diversify your marketing approaches as well. Nothing too big; it can be small yet varied programs. Optimize your strategies so that it can appeal to a bigger audience.

For example, marketing tools such as flyers and pamphlets work best with visual customers. Preparing visual tools will help you reach people who belong to this specific category. On the other hand, tactile people will not appreciate flyers all too much. In order to reach out to this specific group, you have to offer samples of your product for them to try. A cupcake shop, for instance, can offer bite-sized samples of the sweets they’re selling. This way, people who are more particular about the actual taste of the product will be inclined to buy.

#4. Never Underestimate The Power Of Online Marketing

Last but not least, do not undermine what online marketing can do for your business. Offline marketing is good and all but online marketing can help you improve your brand’s presence even more. With offline marketing, you can reach maybe 200 or 500 people around your city. But with online marketing, you can reach thousands. And you don’t even have to do the legwork!

Focus on optimizing your website; improve your social media marketing efforts. You can even capitalize on email marketing and vlogging. There are just so many things you can do online to help promote your products and services. You just need to learn the basic know how’s and team up with the right marketing agency.

We end here but we hope you enjoyed these small business marketing tips! Till next time!

John Morris
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