5 Good Reasons To Invest In An Electric Toothbrush

Should you buy an electric toothbrush at all? You might be convinced that you don’t need one when your manual toothbrush appears to suffice. Indeed, dental experts cited by Which? argue that your brushing technique is more important than the brush itself.

However, research suggests that an electric toothbrush can still make brushing a little easier and more effective. Here are several good reasons why that brush can provide a crucial helping hand.

You can ensure that you clean for as long as you should

One oft-given rule of good teeth-brushing is keeping the brush on the teeth for two minutes at a time. It shouldn’t surprise, then, that most models of electric toothbrush now include a two-minute timer as standard, giving you a little nudge – perhaps even literally – when the time is up.

Some models also include interval timers designed to help each section of your teeth to get as much attention as it should. It can all make for a thorough but even clean every time.

You can avoid brushing your teeth too hard

In words quoted by The Guardian, Karen Coates – a dental adviser at the Oral Health Foundation – explains: “There’s a fine line between brushing effectively and overbrushing.”

Still, you probably aren’t sure exactly where that line is, so it’s fortunate that many electric toothbrushes actually are, thanks to the pressure sensor built into them. Coates warns: “Overbrushing can damage the teeth and gums, and can cause recession.”

It’s much easier to remove plaque

When switched on, electric toothbrushes oscillate their brush heads to create a regular rhythm of movement. In turn, this “sonic technology”, as it is succinctly known, leaves manual toothbrushes trailing in the task of removing troublesome plaque from teeth.

In removing so much more plaque than their manual counterparts, power toothbrushes can also significantly reduce gum inflammation and your risk of disease or infection, says SheerLuxe.

Your teeth will almost certainly be left whiter

There are various ways to get closer to that coveted, gleaming Hollywood smile. For the real deal, you should really approach a dental practice. That practice could be much more local than you expect; it’s easy to find, say, a dentist in Balham or nearby for professional teeth whitening.

However, before you book that visit, an electric toothbrush can provide you with a good starting point for brighter teeth, as you should see within weeks of adding that brush to your routine. Some brushes even come with whitening-specific settings suited to particular brush heads.

You shouldn’t need to replace that electric toothbrush for a while

Once that toothbrush is part of your kit, you are unlikely to need a replacement brush for at least five years. That’s largely because you should only need to regularly change the brush heads, rather than the entire brush, to keep your tool in effective working order.

A year’s warranty is often customary with electric toothbrush models, too – meaning that, if the product needs repairing during the warranty period, the costs of that repairing will be covered.

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