5 Good Things about Halal Meat that You Need to Know

What is Halal? The word “halal” in Islam translates as permissible. This is similar to the Jewish term “kosher.” To produce this kind of meat, the animal is raised and slaughtered according to Islamic law. It is ensured that the animal is healthy and alive when slaughtered. The meat should ideally come from a permitted source, such as chicken or lamb. When all these conditions are met, the product receives the Halal certification or standard. That being said, here are 5 good things about Halal meat that you should know about.

Clean and Healthy Conditions of Animal Raising

Great attention is paid to the maintenance of cleanliness and proper sanitization while raising the animals. So, they grow up in a clean and disease-free environment. Also, they get healthy, clean, and natural food, devoid of any animal bi-products and chemicals. Halal farmers treat the animals well to abide by the laws of the religion. The animals don’t receive additives or antibiotics. They are not even treated with synthetic concoctions or anti-infection agents, unlike the animals raised by profiteering farmers.

High Maintenance of Ethical Standards

Halal farms ensure that animals are brought up under ethical conditions. For instance, Halal farmers treat the animals with respect and kindness. So, the animals go through less short-term and long-term stress than on other farms. Ethics are followed even at the time of slaughter. Therefore, slaughtering a sick animal is not permitted.

Fewer Fear Toxins Released by Animals

The animal is slaughtered on its left flank through a cut to the vena jugularis, carotid artery, and trachea. Such a slaughter position helps drain all the blood from the body due to pressure on the heart. This is done because Muslims do not consume blood, as well as to ensure that the meat is fresh and free from bacteria.

Moreover, the animals are not stressed when they are butchered. So, they do not release fear toxins, and the resultant meat is soft and healthy to eat.

Health Benefits of Consuming Halal Meat

Since there is no blood left in the meat and it is free from harmful bacteria, the meat is safer to consume. Also, you can use it for longer. Eating this kind of meat can help you gain a healthy weight and improve your immune system to fight diseases better. It also boosts metabolism to absorb the essential nutrients of the meat and can even benefit the brain. What’s more, halal chicken is known to help with depression.

Better Taste of the Meat

When blood remains in the meat, it can rot, and therefore taste bad. However, since Halal meat is devoid of blood, it tastes much better than meat with traces of blood. Moreover, the softness of the meat ensures that you enjoy eating it.

Several people prefer Halal food to their processed alternatives, irrespective of whether they are Muslims themselves. That is because Halal meat production is backed by cleanliness, hygiene, and ethics, and therefore, is of good quality. After all, health comes first for everyone, regardless of their religion.

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