Guide to Dealing with a Bathroom Overflow

You know the panic if you’ve ever dealt with a bathroom overflow. The truth is even though most people would never want to be in this situation, it gets to a point where you must handle the issue.

Before planning repairs or replacements, try to understand the cause of the leakage. Some of the most common reasons for an overflowing bathroom are:

Leaking Shower Head

A leaking shower head is a prevalent cause of a flooded bathroom. As water flows through the shower head, small amounts may seep out at the joints, causing the floor to get wet. This is more likely if your shower head wasn’t installed properly, or you have an old model that has seen better days.

Fortunately, replacing a leaking shower head is simple and can save you money used to hire a professional. Ensure you purchase a new model that fits your shower opening and has the same number of holes as what’s there currently.

Blocked Toilet Tank

A blocked toilet tank makes it hard to drain properly. Many people overlook this problem and end up causing extra damage and inconveniences. Other solutions for this issue include checking with a plumber who can help remedy this issue.

Pipe and Plumbing Issues

If you have a busted or blocked pipe, it could easily cause water overflow in your bathroom. Sometimes pipes develop pinhole leaks, which are more challenging to identify. Most of these leaks are caused by freezing, expanding, or cracking during winter.

Other than cracks, a pipe might block when there is hair, tissues, soap, or wet wipes that cause clogging. The best way to deal with this problem is by getting a drain guard.

Sewer Back Up

If you notice that your basement is flooding when it’s not raining, water is most likely trapped behind your sewer line. This issue is usually best handled by professionals who have a little more expertise. It would be good to look in your area, for example, If you live in Denver, it’s best to contact someone who specializes in Flood Damage Restoration in Denver to handle the issue before going through the expense of repairing it yourself.

Dealing With a Bathroom Overflow

The following guide should help you deal with a bathroom overflow.

1. Quickly Identify Where the Leak Is Before You Shut off the water

You must identify the source of the water leak in your bathroom before disconnecting the water from that room or area. If it is an issue like a toilet overflowing, use the isolation valve to shut it off. This way, the water will not be a running issue.

If you deal with a leak in your faucet, quickly shut it off to prevent damage. You’ll want to wrap the fixture in some cloth or towel so that no water gets into your walls and ceiling.

2. Take All Precautions To Protect Yourself From Exposure

It will help if you take basic safety precautions while dealing with a bathroom overflow. These may include keeping towels, rags, and even clothes around you to prevent injury or contamination.

3. Shut off the Electricity

If you have a surge protector, you may want to take this time to shut it off to prevent electrical accidents in case there are any exposed wires.

4. Remove Standing Water

The most important thing you want to do is to ensure the water is shut off immediately. Next, remove standing water in the toilet area and ensure it doesn’t overflow into other areas of your home. Check your drainage to see if it is blocked, and clear anything that might stop water from flowing. Also, use a mop and bucket to collect the excess water until the area is dry enough.

Dealing with a bathroom overflow shouldn’t be underestimated. A little bit of insight, caution, and hard work can help you solve the issues. Also, it would save you time if you considered hiring a professional.

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