5 of the Best Mobile Accessories Every Smartphone User Should Have

Getting a new smartphone can be a lot of work. You’ll need to protect it and buy necessary mobile accessories that will afford you a better experience with interacting on your new device. Accessories like screen protectors, cases, and other protective additions are needed in order to keep your device looking brand-new all the time. Not to mention, these accessories protect it from bumps, scratches, and possible nasty cracks.

Other types of accessories like headphones, chargers, and cables are also needed to get the most out of what you do on your smartphones. These accessories will enrich your gaming and viewing experiences. So if you’re looking for the best recommendations on what mobile accessories to get, fret not, as we’ve listed them down in this article:

Screen Protector: Tempered Glass

When you have a flagship phone, it’s given that the screen would at least have some form of scratch-resistance. While it is tempting to leave your screen as is, it will actually serve you better if you get a screen protector to go along with it. After all, a flagship smartphone, or any smartphone, for that matter, is an investment. You’d do all you need to do to protect an investment, right?

There are many options out there when it comes to screen protectors. TPU glasses, PET plastic, anti-glare, etc. But the greatest of this mobile accessories kind is the tempered glass. Tempered glass is naturally harder and more pliant than you average screen protectors. They’re easy to install, as well as cheaper by the dozen. Manto, in particular, has a range of tempered glass deals that comes in packs of three.

Headphones: TWS

Suffice it to say, quite a number of people can’t live without their headphones. It’s one of the most important mobile accessories there is, and with the advent of newer technologies, people now have the option to buy between wired and wireless headphones. If you’re in the market for one, we recommend the true wireless stereo technology that has taken the audiophiles’ world by a storm in the last five years or so.

True wireless stereo technology affords for a no wires experience in listening to music, watching videos off the internet, and etc. without the sacrifice of audio clarity. Apple’s AirPods Pro is certainly a great buy, but if you don’t want to shell out more than $200 dollars for wireless headphones, some manufacturers are producing the same technology in cheaper price ranges.

Cables: Depends on your unit

Charging cables are not just a necessity, they’re a lifesaver for when you find yourself with a dangerously low battery. The charging cable you need depends on your unit. For most iOS users, a lightning cable should suffice. For Android, it’s a mix between USB-C and micro-USB. Of course, you already have a default charging cable with your new phone, but trust us when we say that getting another pair will make your life easier.

Cases: Silicone

It’s an old age question. Do you want to use your phone naked or with a case? Although it’s your prerogative whether to use your phone with a case or not, most people will implore you to get a case just in case. Flagship phones nowadays are made of one slab of metal with glass or aluminum covering so they’re immediately prone to scratches.

A silicone case is not only recommended, but it actually makes the grip of your phone better. This will prevent unwanted drops. You can get an official silicone case for your phone from the same manufacturer, but if you want to save some coins, look for online deals instead. Make sure that you have at least 2-3 cases so that you can rotate using them.

Speakers: Bluetooth

Want to blast music from your phone? Well, you’d need a Bluetooth speaker for that. You can go two ways when buying a new speaker. Ask yourself if you want something mobile which you can bring almost anywhere or do you want something that can amplify your music effectively? Once you answer that question, your shopping for one will be easier.


Having all of these items instantly upgrades your smartphone experience. In a study, most people use their phone for 6 hours at a time, so it only fits to have these accessories for a more convenient experience. After all, smartphones seem to be the direction that technology is gearing towards in the next few years.


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