5 Ways to Make Your House Stay Clean Longer

Would it not be lovely if we had some super powers which we could utilize when cleaning time comes calling. Tidying up can be such a nuisance from time to time. We have all been in that situation where we finally reach that long-awaited weekend, free of obligations and responsibilities, but we suddenly come to realize that a lot of cleaning needs to be done, for our home has somehow become a complete pig nest. Truth is told, as long as we keep our cleaning habits active only during the weekends, there is a small chance of us keeping our heads above the water cleaning-wise. There are certain things you could do on a daily basis that could keep your house looking fresh and gleaming, without you having to spend a massive amount of time on them. So, here are our five ways to make your house stay clean longer:


This may sound like the most unimportant thing in the whole wide world, but trust us when we say, it makes a HUGE difference. The bed is one of the biggest elements of the bedroom, and as long you keep it clean and tidy, the whole perception of the room changes. If you think about it for a second, you will realize that it takes only a few seconds of your time to do it. Try to turn it into a habit. Additionally, it would be great if you change your bedding at least once a week. A lot of our bodily fluids end up on it, so, let us keep our hygiene up to par. Other than that, flip your mattress once in 6 months.


Anyone who knows anything about cleaning will advise you to make a cleaning schedule. There are many ways in which you could approach this particular task, but you should do it in the way that suits your likings the most. If we were to give you advice, it would be to create a daily, weekly and a monthly schedule. Your daily to-do list should include those tasks that are of utmost importance, like doing the dishes, doing the laundry, quick clean up of the bathroom, cleaning your countertops, etc. Make sure they are not time-consuming tasks because you want to stay motivated for doing them. When it comes to the weekly schedule, try to include those harder tasks, like scrubbing the bathroom, dusting, vacuuming and mopping the floors, etc. Monthly and yearly schedules are not necessary, but it would not do you any harm if you made them, depends on how organized you want to be.


It would be more than amazing if you could get your other family members to participate in the quest of keeping the house sparkling. Combining a well-planned schedule with a healthy degree of family support makes a recipe for guaranteed success! Each member should have their designated daily tasks. You do not want to be the bearer of all that pressure that comes with keeping the house nice and tidy. If you have kids, get them involved as well. This can be a great lesson for them about the importance of dedication and organization. Do not shy away from this, because you are going to help them build strong habits that will only come in handy later in life. They do not have to do anything complicated and hard, but dusting or putting things back in place is something that will help you greatly but exudes practically no effort out of them.


No matter how you organize your cleaning schedule, keep in mind not to overstep the 15-20 minute time limit. Each daily cleaning routine should take only so much time. A good way for doing this is to set the timer for 15 minutes. Trust us; it is achievable. Doing these clean ups daily, with other family members involved, take no time whatsoever, but make your home gleam most of the time. Like we have mentioned in the beginning, leave those hard and heavy tasks for the weekend, and focus on your daily routines. All it takes to have a clean household is a little bit of organization, support, and dedication.


Before anything else, try to acquire this habit. Most of the time, our homes tend to be in a state of mess, because we are avoiding cleaning after ourselves. Every time you finish cooking, take a few minutes to move those dirty dishes and other kitchen implements into the dishwasher. Cleaning your countertops should also follow. The same can be implemented in the bathroom, as well as the bedroom. Do not leave your clothes lying around the house, put it back in the cupboard. We know that sometimes you simply do not have the strength to look after these things, but will make a huge difference if you do. It usually takes a small effort to accomplish these daily tasks. Make your life easier for yourself.

Honestly, there are other solutions for keeping your home clean which exude even less effort than the ones we proposed in this article. Hiring a reliable pair of helping hands that would deal with your chores should be a viable option for you. If you are the person who would much rather spend its time doing everything else except cleaning, what else can you do apart from this? Helpling.co.sg – Singapore is a fantastic platform that provides people with cleaning services all across the world. Visit them when you get the chance, for we assure you, it will be worth your time.

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