Men and Low Libido – Learning More about Low Libido Problem

Our culture has propagated a lot of false ideas. We project the average male like a raging bull when we talk about libido. There is this fixed view that men have the unending libido. Yes, the majority of men have no complaints whatsoever regarding low libido. And we usually associate low libido with women. But times are changing. A lot of men are opening up about the issues they face regarding low libido. Hormones, age, relationship issues, etc. might contribute to this problem. Most importantly, it is important to address this problem at the right time.

Numbers Will Tell You the Truth

You should know the fact that you are not in the minority if you have low libido. Studies have revealed that 20-25% men experience this problem. Lack of interest in lovemaking is not an alien problem for men anymore. Unfortunately, most men who go through this problem do not realize the fact that they can reverse this problem. If you want a cure for this problem, then it is important to give equal importance to both physical and mental health. You need to take all the right steps to restore the health of your reproductive organs.

Let’s take a look at the common causes of low libido below.

Cardiovascular Health

If your cardiovascular system is not functioning well enough, then chances of high for you to develop low libido at some point in your life. Fatigue is the first symptom of low libido. And you will feel that overall well-being is not up to the mark. It is important to ensure that your heart is healthy. You will have to listen to your doctor’s recommendations. If you have poor cardiovascular health, then it can make way for all sorts of problems including low libido. In fact, low libido should be considered as a sign of other big problems to follow.


Well, diabetes is not good news for your reproductive organs. It can have far-reaching implications on your health. If you have been a victim of diabetes, then chances are high for you to have several problems related to your reproductive organs including low libido. When your blood sugar levels are all over the place, it can result in erectile dysfunction and low libido. If you are serious about restoring the health of your reproductive organs, then you have to control your blood sugar levels. Follow the instructions of your doctor to the T.


Obesity can make way for a lot of health problems in the future. Most importantly, you might develop diabetes, heart problems, etc. People who struggle with obesity often complain about lack of energy. For the same reason, they might show less interest in lovemaking. Also, self-esteem and hormone levels will get badly affected when you are struggling with excess weight. This can reduce the desire to a great extent. Your confidence and sense of well-being will be elevated when you keep a tab on your weight. Last but not least, blood circulation to your reproductive organs will be greatly improved as well.

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone might be the villain in some cases. Low production of testosterone hormone can have a bad effect on your libido. When you have low levels of testosterone, you might experience confusion, weight gain, irritability, inability to make decisions, etc. If low testosterone has been the villain, then you can get it fixed by taking some supplements.


Both anxiety and depression can have a negative impact on your libido. Also, prescribed medication for these conditions might be the real villains in most cases. If low libido is the side effect of the medication, then it is important to communicate the same to your doctor. He might be able to change your medication to help deal with the problem.


Well, when it comes to low libido, stress has to be one of the front-runners. We lead a very stressful life these days. Maybe that is contributing to a lot of problems including low libido. Finding ways to deal with stress is the only way to counter it.

Relationship problems

Last but not least, unresolved issues in your marriage or relationship might be causing this problem. If relationship conflicts are contributing to this problem, then you have to get to the bottom of it.

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