6 Awesome Android Emulators You Should Download Now

Emulators are a great tool to help us increase our productivity, especially with tasks that revolve around Android apps. For instance, in gaming, Android emulators have made our gaming experience better by being able to play Android games on your computers. Being able to play Android games on our laptops also helps our smartphone’s battery last longer.

What exactly is an Android Emulator? Simply put, this software allows us to use Android apps on our Computers, whether it is Windows or Mac. If you already have a background about emulators and would want to download a good emulator, here are some of the excellent Android emulators you should get.


If you have a background with emulators, you have probably heard of Bluestacks. It is one of the best android emulators you will find today. There are many reasons why Bluestacks made it to the top list. One of them is that it works perfectly on both Windows and Mac, giving all the users accessibility. Bluestacks is also free for anyone to use.

One recent update that Bluestacks released is the improved speed for all the computers. It is one most recent android emulators since they have brought up their software to Android 7.1.2, which is the Nougat. They regularly release updates after users complained that the Bluestacks could sometimes be very slow in terms of performance.


Genymotion is also one of the popular emulators today. It has a significant advantage compared to other emulators because it can be available as both desktop and cloud-based versions, giving anyone who doesn’t have a lot of processing power access to the software.

Genymotion is mostly aimed at experienced developers who are looking to test their own apps on different mobile devices and versions of Android. So, if you developed your own app and want to try it on a different device, you can make it possible using Genymotion.


KoPlayer is a relatively new emulator, and not many people talk about it. It’s got enough features to satisfy someone who plays games and complete light tasks. Compared to other known emulators, it has a fairly easy installation process, and it is easy to navigate. So, if you are someone new to emulators, KoPlayer is also good software to use.

KoPlayer is free to download, and it has many features that are easy to use. Some of these features are the keymapping or the keyboard mapping, where it allows you to fully customize the placement of each key that corresponds to the game’s controls. You can also record your gameplay and save it for later use.

Android Studio

Android Studio is possibly one of the best software that you could use if you have experience with developing apps. Android Studio is perfect for experts since it’s default environment is centered around Android operating systems. The Android Studio provides the user with a complete set of tools for creating apps, which also includes a ready-made emulator.


The MEmu Android emulator is also new to the emulator market. Gamers have become comfortable in using this emulator as it supports other Android operating system versions such as Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop. It also supports AMD and Intel processors making it accessible to many people. MEmu is a good option when it comes to productivity and games.


Xamarin is almost the same as Android Studio, but it comes with a lot more tools and options. This emulator is an integrated development environment, which means it comes with a built-in emulator for testing new apps and games. If you’re an expert on app development, Xamarin can also be used to create a wider integrated development environment.

Unlike other emulators, Xamarin is fully customizable, and it is free for personal use. It is even compatible with other software such as Microsoft Visual Studio. It might not be the best, but it’s good enough for users who are solely after its purpose.


There you have it, some of the awesome android emulators you can use. Whether you are an expert in emulators or just a beginner, you can still find your way around these emulators. The emulators are not limited to what is mentioned above. However, there are still other emulators that you can see in the market today.


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