8 Best Kodi Addons for August 2017

Despite the fact that Kodi was created in 2003, it was originally designed for the Microsoft Xbox and Xbox Media Centre (XBMC). This software is generally designed for your entertainment!

KODI is open source as well as been light weight which is compactable with different types of devices. However, there have been constant modification and upgrades by a number of coders all around the world. In any case, the best way to use Kodi is using ADDON or Extension.

Now you are ready for your Live streaming and unlimited media content. However, always note that Addon content is not yet licensed officially, therefore conform to your country’s dos and don’ts. The list brings the best Kodi Addons for August in 2017:


An awesome website with more than one billion users, this is close to one-third of the population of people using the internet. YouTube should be your number one kodi Addon; as it serves you with deferent movie categories.


Growing drastically to being one of the most popular video-streaming websites on the internet today, Netflix viewers can now binge-watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and every other video content to enjoy.

Neflix media software is available for easy download. Also, Netflix has one of the best Addon you can get for media software with all the benefits coming from NetfliXMBC.

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn, having stood the test of time is one of the best kodi Addons, it was formerly known as Genesis which was shut down by the law enforcement agencies.

There have been no changes, as the same team of developers is still working hand in hand to offer you the best service. With its new look, Genesis Reborn can be downloaded using Jesus Box repository for Ace streaming performance.


If you love videos, Stream Hub Kodi Addon is a must have. With an inbuilt Mobdro; which serves as the source, stramhub offers Live TV channels both within and outside your country.

You now have access to unlimited videos even from YouTube and VEVO. However, it might require a Kodi VPN to stream channels that are outside your country.


This is one amongst the best Kodi Addons, allowing a large community of people around the world to interact.

Reddit also hosts numerous videos every day in which extremely explicit followers have access to play, remove, add, and search for videos on this Kodi.

Salts (Streaming All the Sources)

SALTS returns with superb modification after it was shut down due to “the disappearance of Fusion Repository”. It is interesting to use SALTS kodi Addon! Now, you can watch different Genres of movies. Latest movies are also available here.


This is the most popular KodiAddon as it officially replaces Exodus. Covenant is much more stable than Exodus, offering the exact feeling of Exodus in Folders, Color Scheme, Wallpapers and many others the only difference is the logo.


SafeHouse reaches your expectations as it offers you with both the latest and old movies that are frequently updated to prevent bad links. However, it is not as popular as Covenant, it is most recommended and that is why we choose it as one of the best Kodi Addons for this month.

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