Moving Hacks: 10 Tips for Painless Packing

Are you thinking of moving? The process is probably one of the most daunting experiences, especially if you have as much furniture as an IKEA store. Anyone in the right mind would rather completely avoid spending time packing and storing products for the big move. Those who have experienced have developed moving hacks that can make the process exceptionally seamless and frustration-free. I have compiled a list of 10 painless packing tips for your convenience.

1- Place Plastic Bags Around Hanging Clothing Items

There’s little point spending hours of time removing all of your clothes from the wardrobe and then packing them. Home movers can save time by placing garbage bags around clothes that are already on hangers. This will help protect the clothes during a home move and allow movers to take clothes in one large bag.

2- Reduce the Workload by Using Suitcases

Many movers don’t take full advantage of their suitcases. It’s important to only use home suitcases for the heaviest of belongings. That’s because the wheels of the suitcases make them easy to transport from one location to another.

3- Make sure Everyday Items are Accessible in a Small Bag

Most home movers won’t unpack everything immediately. They’ll need some time to physically and mentally prepare for the unpacking process. That’s why it’s important to keep essentials such as toothbrushes, personal care items, and other products in a separate bag.

4- Be Proactive in Changing Your Address

Many institutions depend on a homeowner’s address. This means that movers should spend the weeks ahead of their move telling banks and post offices about their new address.

5- Cushion Plates Against Impact with Styrofoam

Styrofoam can be used to help protect plates during the moving process. The strength of the Styrofoam means that it can cushion the impact if boxes are mishandled during the move.

6- Establish a Packing Order

Try to establish which items will be packed first and which can wait till later in the packing process. It’s important to pack the heaviest items at the beginning and to save those smaller items until the end to prevent breakages and to ensure there’s enough space for all belongings.

7- Place Box Labels on the Side to Avoid Mishandling

Many moving disasters have been caused by mislabeling. By simply placing labels on the side of moving boxes, home movers can eliminate costly errors in box handling.

8- Make a Full List of all Items to be Transported

Many movers forget to account for each item they’ll be moving to their new property. This can cause confusion when a treasured family heirloom goes mission. Make a full list ahead of time and discuss it with family members to ensure all items are included ready for the move.

9- Make Holes in Boxes to Reduce Lifting Injuries

Lifting heavy boxes can be dangerous for those without experience. To ease the lifting process, cut several holes in the box for handles. This will allow a stronger, firmer grip, and will reduce muscle strains.

10- Protect against Liquid Leaks Using Plastic Wrap

Before storing bottles of liquid, take off the top and then place a piece of plastic wrap underneath. This will help prevent leaks and explosions that can occur when transporting chemicals from one location to another.

Also, it is better to keep our valuables in a self storage unit until the moving processes are over, since they may get damaged or misplaced. By following these techniques, home movers can eliminate many of the challenges involved in the moving process.

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