A Guide to Private LTE and CBRS Services

We all know how important the internet is to us on a day to day basis. It helps us to do so many things; keep up with daily news, keep in touch with important people in our lives and research almost anything we want. Now, the majority of us (both at home and in workplaces) tend to get our internet through carriers. These are more or less the wifi boxes that we buy from internet providers and they have proven to be very successful- that’s why they’re so popular. However, a lot of people, and companies in particular, are looking beyond these now. Instead, they are looking at CBRS services. These are starting to catch up with regular wifi systems, but why actually is this? What actually are they? Read on to find out in my 2020 guide to private CBRS systems?

So what actually are private CBRS systems? Well, at the base of it all CBRS stands for ‘Citizens Broadband Radio System’. While a lot of people think of this as a form of technology, it is actually known as a ‘band’. They allow companies and organizations to set up private LTE systems in their buildings and any other areas that they cover. In short, this means that they no longer have to rely on other companies to provide them with their internet signals; they don’t have to have the carriers installed. Instead, they are more or less setting up their own internet signal which they can make available to whoever they like and have cover whichever area they like. Private LTE & CBRS systems are looking like an increasingly popular choice for this kind of thing for a variety of reasons.

There are a lot of benefits to installing these kinds of internet services. First and foremost, the provide a great level of security. A lot of people tend to stick with regular internet services for this kind of thing and they feel as if switching to another sort of network provider will result in a decrease in quality of security. However, if you know where to look, this doesn’t tend to be the case. CBRS systems have been proven to be equally as secure as ordinary wifi suppliers and they have other benefits as well. Whoever sets up a CBRS system will have complete control over it; they can decide what areas it covers, who can use it and other features. This gives them a great deal of control over the whole process that you wouldn’t get with other internet services.

However, CBRS systems can come with some problems– but these tend to be pretty similar to those experienced with all kinds of internet services. For example, if the building you’re installing it for has a lot of big heavy objects around the place it might be difficult for signals to reach certain areas of the building. You might also need to make sure you have any necessary licenses in place depending on where you want to set up your services, so make sure to look out for that kind of thing.

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