Back to the Past – flight landed back in the past

It has been an eternal desire of human being to go back to the past, every now and then we often watch movies on this very topic. There are numerous movies on this theme where scientists are keen to make a machine which can lead us to the past or future. So many cartoons and animation movies are made on this theme which makes children think and gets motivated to achieve the unachievable. But this is not possible in this real world.

Flight back to the past

Back to the past
Courtesy of United

But something like that has happened in actual when an aeroplane flight took off in 2017 but landed in 2016. This incident took place in this very new year. According to news sources, a flight of United Airlines took off from Shanghai, when it took off the time was 1 Jan 2017. But, when it landed in San Fransisco the time was back in 2016. It all happened due to the difference of time zone in between these two countries. Even many states of the US has time difference among them.

China is about 8 hours ahead of the UCT, so when flight departed from China it was the 1st date of the new year, it took about 13 hours to reach the destination in San Fransisco. San Fransisco is 8 hours behind the UCT so the total difference between Shanghai and San Fransisco is 16 hours. Every flight from Shanghai to San Fransisco lands bank in past with difference of few hours.

This flight is in fashion due to the distinct change of the year distance between departure and arrival of the flight time. It has not happened since ages, this is the unique incident of its own kind. We are one of the generations to witness it in our lives, maybe, we’ll witness this in the start of the next year. There are other incidents too if we go cross the border even of two adjacent countries but then we would witness time difference in minutes.

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