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How to get a perfect photography click – for absolute beginners

A perfect photography click is the toughest act to do. In this modern era, everyone who owns a Digital Single-Lense Reflex camera, consider himself/herself a...

How to Speed Up Your Website to Get More Visitors

Getting traffic to your site is great, but if that traffic does not convert, it is almost useless. A slow website is not good...

WhatsApp on Windows/Mac using Browser and Application

Can anyone use WhatsApp on Windows/Mac?? Initially, WhatsApp was launched for the texting purpose for iPhone users. Later on, android users were granted the...

Social media and Instagram – Impact on Human Life

Social media and Instagram Social media and Instagram, with the advent of human civilization, the ways of transmission had altered and flourished entirely. Human communication...

Get Old Whatsapp Back On Your Android

Hey there! I'm using Whatsapp. Get old WhatsApp back if you have already started missing the old Whatsapp with the status facility. The new story...

How to upload multiple items on Instagram

More than 24 hours has been passed since the Instagram has let the users upload multiple items for the slideshow. Now Instagram users are...