Benefits of Inversion Table

Looking at the bats, spider, and monkeys hanging upside down on trees we can conclude that these two creatures discovered the benefits of inversion way before humans did. As much as inversion therapy involves putting your feet in such a way that they are above your head, it also involves staying in a position that ensures that the head is in a lower position than the heart. However, some inversion therapy techniques require that both the feet and head be on the ground while the heart is elevated above the head. An excellent example of this inversion technique is the Dolphin pose mostly in Yoga.

Inversion therapy is one of the most effective treatment as it helps strengthen the immune system, reverse the aging process, mind improvement, reduce mental stress, improve the nervous system as well as treating load-bearing joint and back issues. Close to all of these issues are as a result of gravity’s harmful effects.

Inversion tables are designed in a way that they utilize gravity to relieve compressed pressure in the spine. The theory behind the working of inversion tables is that lying at an angle or upside down where the head is lower than the heart and feet can help ease pain and pressure by decompressing the spine. It is advisable to always seek a doctor’s guidance before engaging in any inversion therapy. This is because the practice can be risky for people with glaucoma, heart diseases, and hypertension. Hence the need for professional assistance. Some of the significant benefits of inversion therapy, as well as inversion tables, include but are not limited to the following:

1- Improves Heart Functions

When on an inversion table, the heart works less hard than it does when you are standing upright. This is because the blood that gashes to the brain when inverted triggers it to release neurotransmitters which in turn signal the heart to slow down. This way, the heart gets its much-needed rest. Reports show that there have been reduced cases of heart arrhythmia among patients who use inversion therapy. If you suffer from any heart condition, you should always consult a medical professional before using an inversion table.

2- Boosts the Lymphatic System’s Functions

We all find ourselves paying so much attention to our immune system, digestive system and the heart that we almost forget the lymphatic system which pretty much facilitates the normal functioning of virtually all other systems. This is because the lymphatic system is responsible for washing toxins out of our bodies. This means that if the lymphatic system failed then that would affect all other functions in the body.

The lymphatic system has no mechanism for pumping its fluids like the heart. For the fluids to move, therefore, mechanical forces have to be present, and this is only facilitated by walking. However, it is right to conclude that walking is not enough because you will still find people with swollen feet, ankles, and legs as a result of pooling up of the lymphatic fluids. This pooling of fluids happens only in the area where gravity is not overcome by the mechanical forces of movement. Though lying down gives the lymphatic system a fighting chance, there are no mechanical forces generated to help move the fluids to where they are needed.

A combination of inversion therapy and exercise can go a long way in helping the lymphatic system work well. Practicing inverted yoga poses or getting onto an inversion table almost immediately shifts gravity to the opposite direction. This then allows the gravity to draw the fluids from the lower extremes to other parts of the body and in the process detoxifying and cleansing the body the body.

3- Improves Lung Function

When assuming an upright position, gravity causes blood to pool up in the lower part of our lungs. However, when inverted whether on an inversion table or in yoga poses, the pooled up blood gets evenly distributed in the lungs hence more oxygenated blood and improved overall lung function.

4- Gives New Life to Internal Organs

When undertaking inversion therapy, you kill more than two birds with one stone. That is, you increase your lymphatic system’s efficiency as well boosting the overall blood circulation hence increased levels of oxygen. These, in turn, revitalize or re-energizes all your internal organs thus good overall body performance.

5- Boosts the Immune System

Like we have seen, a lymphatic system efficiently working is the backbone that facilitates the optimal working of other systems in the body. It, therefore, beats logic to see people who practice inversion therapy fall sick less often than they did before. This is because with a correctly working lymphatic system, the body is promptly cleansed of all toxins and therefore the immune system does not have to do as much work as before.  An efficient lymphatic system frees the immune system of too much workload, and so all the work the immune system has to do is concentrate on fighting infections, both viral and bacterial.

6- Aids Easier Breathing

The strength of your diaphragm is directly proportional to the frequency of your inversion therapy. That is, the more you practice inversion, the stronger your diaphragm becomes. With increased diaphragm strength you will notice that you will need less labor or power to breathe. Since breathing is less laborious, it will be easier to take deep breathes which will, in turn, fill your lower lungs with more oxygen than before. Since the lower part of the lungs is more adapted to tap larger volumes of oxygen than the upper portion, your eased breathing will increase your oxygen intake as well as oxygen circulation to other parts of the body including the brain and other organs.

Like I mentioned earlier in our discussion, these are just a few benefits of inversion tables. There is a load of many more benefits that come with practicing inversion therapy. Most people may be lured into concluding that you can only engage in inversion therapy if you have an issue that calls for the treatment as a means of treatment. This is a wrong conclusion. Anyone can participate in inversion therapy before any health problems. This will play a significant role in prevention and like it is said, “prevention is better than cure”. The most important action is to consult with a medical professional before the start of the inversion therapy.

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