Content Is Not the Most Important Thing In Link Building. Learn Why!

When it comes to search engine optimization, a lot of people assume that content matters the most. And while it is true that you cannot have quality SEO without content, this does not mean that your only focus should be on content. In fact, building links is equally, if not more, important to SEO these days. And we can explain why that is the case.

Creating Inbound Links

Studies show that inbound links are even more crucial to a site’s success than the content that you are creating. We already know that Google’s algorithm is not the easiest to crack, but we can infer regarding what is the most important factor when we study the sites that are the most successful under the current model. And that is where we begin to learn about backlinks and why they are so crucial.

While links are not going to elevate your bad quality or spammed content to relevance, they can help to solidify and boost a site’s search engine ranking performance when they are combined with quality content. If you are curious about how all this works, you may want to read about how to get top 10 rankings first.

Why Inbound Links Matter?

Inbound links work in such a simple way, and that is part of why they are so crucial to a successful SEO strategy. With an inbound link, you are going to generate a lot of content for your site, especially when you are using the right links. For instance, an inbound link from a very popular blog is going to generate huge traffic for your site, so long as the link is naturally integrated into the blog and the blog is relevant to what your site is offering.

An Authority on a Subject

The reason why inbound links are so vital to placing highly in Google search engine results is because of how Google now views unique and engaging content. In the past, sites would just spam content onto their pages and stuff it with keywords, which resulted in a higher search engine position. While that strategy still has some benefits, it has been overtaken by high-quality content. Google wants sites that are an authority on a subject to be the highest positioned on search engine results pages. That is where inbound links come into play. If your site has a lot of inbound links Google considers that you are an authority on a subject since so many blogs and other sites are linking to you.

The Best Types of Inbound Links

Creating dummy sites filled with spammed articles and using those sites as an inbound link resource is not going to work. What you need is quality in those inbound links. And quality means reputable websites or blogs that are trusted within your target market. And the inbound links must naturally flow within the blog and be supported by proper anchor text. When all these steps are followed, you can take advantage of a higher search engine results ranking – thanks to inbound links!

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