Benefits of Buying Solar from a Tier 1 Distributo

Solar power has become increasingly common over the last decade. Where once you only had a few options for where to purchase your solar equipment, you now have dozens of choices available to you. While this helps to drive prices down, it does make it very difficult to know how to find the best possible deal on your equipment. Generally speaking, a Tier 1 distributor will be the best choice for buying equipment for your solar setup. But why? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Tier 1 Distributor?

To better understand the benefits of buying from one, it’s essential first to understand what a Tier 1 distributor is. This distributor works directly with the original emanufacturer (OEM) that creates and supplies the solar equipment you need. This is the most direct path you have to the source of the solar equipment since most OEMs don’t sell their equipment themselves. Some Tier 1 distributors also refer to themselves as wholesale distributors. Now, let’s get into the benefits of buying from these types of distributors.

Lowest Prices

The first benefit (which is the one most people are interested in) is that Tier 1 distributors typically have the lowest prices on solar equipment from name-brand manufacturers. Because they work directly with the OEMs, they get the lowest prices on the equipment and pass those savings on to the consumer. If you buy from a Tier 2 distributor or a reseller, they will have an additional markup on the equipment’s pricing to make a profit themselves. So, the closer you can get to buying directly from the OEM, the lower the prices will be; the further down the distribution chain, the higher the price. A Tier 1 solar distributor is the best price you can get.

Quality Equipment

As already mentioned, Tier 1 distributors work directly with the top brands in the solar industry. This means that you don’t have to buy a lower-quality, off-brand piece of solar equipment to save money. You can get top-quality solar panels, inverters, and other necessities from the business’s best brands while still staying within budget. And you’ll even get the manufacturer’s guarantee on everything you buy.

Experienced Professionals

These top brands in solar don’t allow just anyone to be a Tier 1 distributor. These distributors are licensed professionals who are knowledgeable and respected in the solar industry. They can offer expert advice on system design, equipment selections, maintenance, and more. So, along with those exceptional prices on quality equipment, you’ll be getting support from true professionals.

Whether you’re looking for all the essentials for a new solar setup, want to upgrade to an SMA Sunny Boy, or add a battery bank to your existing system, a Tier 1 distributor is the way to go.



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