Benefits of Performance Chews

Your body is a complex machine that needs fuel to move and perform even basic functions. The primary source of energy is food, from which you get all the necessary nutrients. As the physical exertion increases, so does the nutritional needs of each individual.

Energy requirements go up every time you raise the level of activity. That is the case with athletes, especially those who need strength and endurance, such as runners and cyclists. Their diet must be carefully selected and balanced, not so much in quantity, but the necessary nutrients.

Sugars are the basis for gaining the energy you will burn in training or competition. But, you should know what kind of carbs you need and at what time. You should take most of these nutrients before exposing your body to exertion. Still, a certain amount of carbs is necessary during the activity itself. That’s where performance chews from Hilo come in handy.

Convenience of Use

In endurance sports, performers are always on the go. If they took breaks often, it would affect their result or order in the competition. For this reason, sports supplement brands have come up with convenient packs of energy burst – performance chews, gels, bars, and the like.

Unlike others, performance chews are much easier to dose. The amount of carbs and other nutrients per piece and per serving is indicated on each package. So you can easily conclude how many chews you need in a given period.

The chew packs easily fit in a pocket or waist pack. Numerous brands patented easy-open mechanisms so that the bags can be resealed after opening. That means less mess and no spilling.

Chews Contain Nutrients You Need

Optimal sugar intake is necessary to provide the body with fuel, since simple carbs are the fastest to transform into usable energy. The needs for this macronutrient are individual and depend on your shape and physique.

Besides sugar, runners must take care of electrolyte intake. When the level of these elements falls, fatigue and dehydration occur. That can prevent you from giving your maximum.

Sodium and potassium are the primary sources of electrolytes. Lack of these elements can cause severe health issues and performance drops. Combined with sugars and some other ingredients (like caffeine or guarana), these are a real energy blast in the form of tasty chews.

Other ingredients found in these products can be natural flavors and flavor enhancers. Whenever possible, buy chews that are made from organic ingredients, without GMOs. Find out here why this is important.

Easy to Digest

When on the move, the body’s ability to digest food decreases. That is especially noticeable with runners, as their guts bump around as they run. So the body needs to provide fuel from easily digestible sources, such as performance chews. Gels can be hard to swallow, and prolonged chewing of energy bars while running can be tiring.

Since some competitions can last for hours, runners and cyclists must also train their bowels to avoid potential stomach problems. That usually occurs after several hours of exposure of the body to exertion. Then, most blood flow redirects to the muscles, not the intestines. Taking performance chews and proper dosing of carbs once in a while will prevent potential stomach problems.

Promote Hydration

Proper water intake is of great importance for a healthy and functional body, especially for endurance athletes. Runners lose many electrolytes by running because of sweating. Also, they lose a large percentage of water through breathing. So these athletes always need water during the races.

More on common hydration mistakes, see this

Optimal water intake is also necessary for performance chews to work better. Some brands of sports supplements suggest taking energy bites every half hour. They should always be accompanied by a few water sips, which will wash out the chews from the mouth to intestines. Besides hydrating the body, it also improves the digestive process.

Nutrients on-the-go are a great way to keep your body in good shape even when you put it out with a great effort. Performance chews are an excellent substitute for the massive amounts of food needed to give the body the necessary carbs. By taking them, you won’t feel heaviness in your stomach, and you will feel energized.

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