ReLEx® SMILE – What You Should Know About The Latest Laser Vision Correction Surgery

Currently in Singapore and also the world, ReLEx® SMILE is the newest type of Laser Vision Correction surgery, so it is only natural that there are many questions regarding ReLEx® SMILE. So let’s go through some of the questions regarding ReLEx® SMILE. Hopefully this will help you to decide whether or not you should go for ReLEx® SMILE in Singapore!

Is ReLEx® SMILE safe?

Yes, a ReLEx® SMILE is a safe surgery. A quick research will show you that ReLEx® SMILE has a high success rate with minimum complications and long-term side effects. There is a level of risks involved when you go for a ReLEx® SMILE surgery. But then again, every surgery comes with a set of risks. The good news is that the possibility of complications and side effects is low. When complications do happen, it is highly treatable. As for side effects, most patients only have them temporarily. The side effects seem to naturally heal as the recovery reaches a full healing.

Can you go blind from ReLEx® SMILE?

This is a highly popular question when it comes to ReLEx® SMILE surgery (or any other type of vision correction surgery). Sure, there are always risks involved when it comes to any kind of surgery. And on a very technical level, blindness is a part of the risks. However, there hasn’t been a single case of blindness from ReLEx® SMILE until today.

The success rates have been steadily high and these numbers show that you don’t have to worry about going blind from a ReLEx® SMILE surgery. There are no records showing that complications and side effects are common. Rather, what we will find is that studies have shown a constant and continuous improvement in quality of life as a result of getting a vision correction surgery, just like a ReLEx® SMILE surgery.

Is ReLEx® SMILE surgery painful?

No, a ReLEx® SMILE surgery isn’t painful. Whether you are going for a ReLEx® SMILE surgery, or other eye refractive surgeries like LASIK, Epi-LASIK, and many more, you will not feel any pain during the surgery. The first thing that will be given to you is anaesthesia. Usually, you will get some kind of numbing eye-drop. This eye-drop will make sure that you don’t feel anything during the surgery.

What you need to keep in mind is that there will be some pain in the recovery process. It’s will be a highly manageable pain, but there will be some discomfort because you just had a surgery done to your cornea. You don’t have to worry about your ReLEx® SMILE recovery because ReLEx® SMILE is known to have a pretty comfortable recovery journey.  With a very small incision and no flap creation, the recovery should be quick and easy to go through.

Is ReLEx® SMILE permanent?

Yes, a ReLEx® SMILE is permanent. The changes that a ReLEx® SMILE made to your cornea will be irreversible. Having said that, here’s an important note that we all need to understand: our eyes go through a natural change throughout the years. One of the most basic changes that our eyes have to go through is our natural ageing process.

In this process, it’s natural that the quality of our vision decrease over the years as we go older. This won’t affect us until way later, such as 40 years and above. It is these natural processes that will affect the result of our ReLEx® SMILE surgery. The optimal vision may no longer be as optimal as before not because the ReLEx® SMILE failed, but because of a natural cause.

Hopefully this will help you as a starting point on your research about ReLEx® SMILE! If you’re looking for more information on ReLEx® SMILE, we’ve also prepared an article on the 20 Most Frequently Asked Questions about ReLEx® SMILE in Singapore!

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