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In recent times, there has been a significant rise in the trend of having a swimming pool at home, all thanks to the scorching summers.

Little do we know that maintaining a pool at home is not an easy task as you need to look after some important parameters such as water temperature and chemical levels.

Look, in this tech-savvy generation, there has been an evolution of several apps that are designed exclusively for sound maintenance of swimming pools.

In this blog, the best swimming pool apps have been listed to help you out with balancing the pool integrations.


Pool Pal

This app is compatible with single as well as multiple pools that make it a good choice for suburban pool owners and professional facility concerns.

It helps in pool maintenance, thereby balancing and monitoring the associated integrations.

It works well with all types of the pool along with saltwater systems and assists in harmonizing the pool chemistry and addition of chemicals.

Nimbus Pool Doctor

This app has been designed specifically to control and maintain the chemical balances of your swimming pool.

It supports a diverse range or pools such as regular, bromine, and saltwater, thereby displaying the suitable and recommended analytics for your pool.

In this application, you can customize the measurement units while the program would save and keep a track of the management records.

With the help of sufficient data, this app is efficient in recording the Langelier saturations.

It features a shock calculator that enables the users to configure their personalized model ranges and chemical supplies.

Sauna Smart

This infrared sauna app teaches and guides the user thoroughly on how to open, shut, and maintain the balance of steam in the sauna.

It assists in maintaining the required and suitable level of vapor in the water and articulates any additional chemicals.

This app comes along with an integrated troubleshooting function that helps with exasperatingly common concerns like temperature, humidity, or pulse.

It helps you to resolve several glitches that take place in the spa by providing an in-depth understanding of the heat integrations.

Pool Pro Home

The app is touted to be an economical version of the very original Pool Pro app that has been refurbished for the folks who are maintaining a pool at home by themselves.

This app is compatible with a diverse variety of pools such as saltwater and chlorine pools.

It keeps track of the chemical balance in the pool and records the statistics for a better understanding.

It archives the water temperature along with calcite and Langelier saturation indexes and checks the levels as per the standards of the industry and provides recommendations to rectify.

You can easily save the informational records and troubleshoot the pool glitches using this app.

Pool Heater

This app is useful in monitoring the heat pump pool furnace of your swimming pool.

It assists in observing and regulating the water temperature along with the timer settings with the help of a WiFi connection.

It offers unified background troubleshooting and helps in resolving the problems for maintaining the pool temperature for a comfortable swimming experience.

Swim University

This app is amongst the must-have applications that are useful for quality maintenance of the swimming pools.

It consists of an online instructional guide, resourceful videos, and informational articles along with buying guides.

It provides quick and reliable answers to all the concerns related to the pools or hot tubs.

This app offers solutions for fixing the glitches that are associated with troubleshooting concerns, pool maintenance, and chemical inclusion.

Techniques/Tips to Improve

Assess the requirements of your swimming pool thoroughly.

Check the pool statistics regularly in the app for better monitoring and regulation of chemical levels and water temperature.

Clean and sanitize your pool once in a while for maintaining good hygiene.  

You can get a remote pool management system installed in your swimming pool for effective regulation.

Correcting Common Problems

Study and analyze the app and the features properly before utilizing it for your pool maintenance

Check whether the app is compatible with your pool type or not

Maintain the water temperature and chemical balance in the pool as recommended by the app

Analysis of best practices in the industry

  • Wipe down the waterline once in a week to reduce the excessive build-up of the scum
  • Focus more on pH control rather than adding more chlorine in the swimming pool
  • Make sure to store the pool chemicals in a cool and dry place that is away from the direct sunlight

Tools You Can Use

  • Remote pool automation
  • Chemistry mechanization
  • Backyard and spa devices
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