5 Budget Friendly Meal Kits To Save Time And Money

Are you worried about your soaring monthly food budget? Don’t cut down on meals; rather, choose budget-friendly options like DoorDash, Grubhub, Red lobster, BlueApron, HelloFresh, etc. Meal kits are an excellent way to save time and get guaranteed healthy meals. These meal kits come with freshly sourced high-quality regional/local ingredients that are pre-cooked or partially cooked, so you can finish the cooking process more comfortable and save time. Some kits also come with pre-proportioned parts and a set of instructions so that you can cook delicious meals quickly.

One prominent brand that delivers meal kits is DoorDash. You can choose to order from your favorite restaurants or choose restaurants in the vicinity and get fresh hot meals delivered at your doorstep. You can also choose from restaurant chains like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. In addition to saving time, meal kits also give you an option to save money by providing incredible discounts and offers. DoorDash offers 20% – 25% off on select restaurants, discounts on first order and convenience orders, savings with online coupon codes or discount deals, gift cards at discounted rates, and ensures the safety of all customers with contactless delivery mode.


Many people need to be away from home for long hours due to academics or work and may not find enough time to prepare a healthy, wholesome meal. So, meal kits are a great alternative to save time and money. Some budget-friendly meal kit services are as follows:

  1. DoorDash

The packages available on the brand’s website include home-style meals, which include components that can be assembled quickly and cooked in a short amount of time. In addition to home meal kits, this service also offers a bundled meal package that includes a 4-course meal, family-style dishes like casseroles, soups, baked goods, etc. with pantry or grocery items and frozen dishes that can be stocked in the freezer. You can also access the website to explore your favorite restaurants or DoorDash national partners to choose from daily specials and promotional offers that are available on the app.

  1. Grubhub

You can browse menus from your favorite local restaurants, and order meals delivered right to your doorstep. The website gives you an option to explore restaurants offering meal kits in your vicinity. The meals available are considered healthy and are made with fresh, locally sourced quality ingredients. The user-friendly website enables the user to make fast choices by giving a view of saved restaurants and deals. Its unique feature also helps users to get group orders delivered. So if you and your friend have the app, you can apply different coupons and promotional offers to enjoy more discounts and get incredible savings.

  1. Red Lobster

This website enables you to order family meals that include raw or partially cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, etc. that can be reheated or prepared within no time. You can choose to order from daily specials, family meals, 3-4 course meals, or meal kits specially designed for kids. Each meal kit includes different side dishes, condiments, dipping sauces, and nutritional content and calorie count, according to listed ingredients. As the name suggests, the brand is popularly known to source fresh regional seafood like shrimp and lobster grilled on wood-fire or served with cheesy garlic sauces.

  1. BlueApron

This is one of the popular meal kit services that deliver fresh, locally sourced ingredients helpful in making a delicious meal. It has weekly plans consisting of a variety of recipes, along with a vegetarian version. According to your subscription, you can choose to order for 2-4 people. You can also choose 2-3 recipes each week and select desirable meal kits. The kits provide information on time estimated to make a recipe and offer exciting wine-pairing options. In addition to this, the brand also awards gift options to users.

  1. HelloFresh

At HelloFresh, you can get pre-measured ingredients with recipes that provide step-by-step instructions to cook an easy meal. You can choose from a premium plan that has an option to customize your meal, or you can opt for a classic plan that provides four meals for 2-4 people, a family plan consisting of three meals for a maximum of four people and a veggie plan including three meals that are only vegetarian recipes and can be served for four people. You can also choose to order healthy juices, varieties of cheese, fat-free or lactose-free yogurt, healthy products like detox salad, etc. The USP of this service is that all deliveries are made with recyclable materials.

Other affordable meal kit services include Gobble, Dinnerly, Home Chef, Sun Basket, etc. These services provide ingredients that are already peeled, chopped, and marinated to whip up a delicious meal in just fifteen minutes. Their weekly subscription plans include meal choices that can be customized as gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb diet, vegetarian, and breakfast. Some services also provide recipe cards or a step-by-step instruction card that enable users to prepare gourmet style recipes with ease.

Many people think that all meal kits are expensive and thus prefer to buy fresh ingredients locally. Still, people who do not have the time to cook frequently have no other alternative and may resort to consuming unhealthy junk food regularly. Thus meal kits are a great way to save money and enjoy a healthy diet daily. These meal kits can be accessed from the websites or mobile apps. All users can easily apply coupons or codes to get discounts and offers on all their purchases. Brands like DoorDash give a DashPass that allows users to enjoy free delivery on orders of $10 or more. You can also avail its free trial service for a month, whereas Grubhub perks include free delivery on first order of $15, and you can get $10 off additionally. You can also earn rewards on spending a minimum amount on specific restaurants.

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