Best Temp Wallpapers For A Remodel Project In 2022

You are at the helm of remodeling preparations. You’ve picked out the tiles, the cabinets, the best countertop, and the list keeps growing. Then you look at the walls and realize that something is missing – wallpaper! So, you start poring through endless selections of temporary wallpapers, hoping to land on the best option. What’s it going to be? Will you stick with plain wallpapers, or will you go with something that offers a bit more character? Below are some of the options that are sure to be big in 2022:

Art-Inspired Wallpapers

You no longer need to visit art galleries to find something that works for your home. People have now realized that wallpaper is an art in itself. Of course, you must choose an inspirational choice. Think of where you want to transport yourself to when you glance at the paper. Are you visiting the 1920s, or are you going further back in time? Whatever your choice, you are sure to find a wallpaper that makes your space quite breathtaking. For added effect, frame the wallpaper, so it looks like the art piece it truly is!

Floral Themes

2020 and 2021 saw most people stay home for extended periods. There were many reasons to remain confined in the home, from lockdowns to working from home to quarantining and isolation. Of course, that put quite a damper on people’s moods. Was there a solution? Yes, people found comfort in adorning their spaces with flower wallpapers. This inspired calmness in the surroundings. Most importantly, they were beautiful reminders of the outdoors. So, despite the dark cloud that hung over the world owing to the pandemic, people with these flowers still had a reason to smile. If you want to impart natural beauty in your space, how about going with this choice?

Dark Flora

Floral vibes are beautiful. But if you want something that speaks to your soul, you might want to go with dark flora wallpapers. These feature vibrant hues that mimic the true forms in nature. You can make out the edges of the leaves, flowers, and branches in the plants. Some even feature raindrops and that elusive sunset that most of us crave to see. With so many options available, you can find one that matches your interior to the core. These wallpapers are perfect for quiet spaces like offices and reading nooks. Or you can be adventurous and add them to your bathroom.

Bohemian Vibes

Most people appreciate a Bohemian vibe. For a long time, we have seen it play out in clothes. It gives off that casual and carefree vibe that makes life seem breezy. You can see it in  Bohemian shirts, shorts, and even hats. Can you have this in your home? Of course, you can! You don’t need to wait until you are on vacation to give in to those playful vibes. There are many Bohemian options on the market, with some leaning on the floral side. So, if this is the vibe you want in your space, paper it on!

Geometric Patterns

Did you know that you can inspire emotions with just patterns? That’s right. Squares, for example, inspire trust, honesty, balance, and maturity. Moreover, they have a masculine vibe. Suppose you want to create an office space in your home. These shapes would be a good choice. But what about if you want to inspire some playful vibes in the home? You go with circles. These inspire comfort, protection, innocence, youth, and playfulness. Additionally, they have a hint of femininity. Think about what you want to inspire in your home and use geometric patterns to achieve it. Don’t stop at the shapes. Instead, play about with the colors and sizes to impart a personal vibe.

Botanical Shapes

Floral vibes lean on the flowery side. But what about if you want to inspire a wholly natural look that encompasses everything in the wild? In that case, you go with botanical shapes. Like the others on this list, these wallpapers are available in a range of designs. You can go with life-like trees, opt for natural outlines, or even go all out with a bird and tree concept. The options are quite many, and you should have fun checking them out. So, what works with botanical shapes? Almost every hue in the home! These shapes are pretty versatile, and they will match most of your décor.

Coastal Vibes

Are you missing your time at the beach? You can even picture it – the sand between your toes, the feel of the sun, and the moisture-filled wind beating against your face. It feels fantastic just to think about it. What if you could bring these memories and fantasies to your space? How great would that be? Well, in 2022, people are inviting the coast to their homes. You can plaster waves, swimmers, whales, dolphins, the sand, and pretty much anything you would find on the beach.

Black Wallpaper

Are you ready for some moody inspiration for your space? Well, here goes. Black was not the number one choice for most homes in the past. After all, some people found it creepy and were uncomfortable with having it in their homes. But now, moody wallpaper is all the craze. First, it is quite striking and is sure to get anyone’s attention. Who would miss the darkness of this hue? Secondly, it creates the perfect background for other hues and shapes. For example, floral wallpaper on a black background is even more inspiring than it would be on most other hues. So, if you want to inspire some vibrancy and start some conversations, how about it?

Gold Accents

2022 is the year of manifestation, and what does gold communicate? Wealth! As you work towards your goals, why not bathe in what is to come in your life? Gold wallpapers have become much more accessible and allow you to live like the royal you genuinely are. Be careful, though, when using these accents. They can overpower a space. So, use them as complements rather than the focal points of any space.

Can you think of other trends that will make it through 2022?

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