Body Harness Leather from Marie Mur: Who Can Wear Such Accessory

Marie Mur company produces women’s lingerie and accessories. Its collections also include a full body leather harness. In this article, we tell you what it is how and who to wear.

What is Full Body Leather Harness for Women

Body harness leather is a bundle of leather straps, which can be worn separately or on clothing as an accessory. Female body harness came in fashion from a militaristic style: the military used leather straps to attach weapons, supplies, and so on. Nowadays, such garter clothing, of course, does not perform this function (although you can always try it), so it is used simply to create a beautiful and attractive look.

Where and How to Wear Womens Body Harness

Perhaps body harness leather is not the best choice for the office, but otherwise, everything depends on your creativity. Such an accessory will help you create a bright look for a rave party, closed event and, of course, a one-to-one meeting.

As we have already written above, there are no rules for wearing a full body leather harness. Wear it on your clothes or as a separate element and do not limit yourself in anything. It should be noted that the full body leather harness from Marie Mur is a complete set, but it can be divided into separate parts, if necessary and desired.

Thus, the sets have separate elements that are attached to the legs, chest and arms. The upper elements are easily put on top of the blouses. The leg bandage, of course, is rarely worn on the pants, but who says that the leather on the naked thigh is vulgar and not seductive?

Who Should Buy Body Harness Leather from Marie Mur?

Let us return to our original question. Of course, we won’t convince you to buy this accessory if you don’t want it at all. But we suspect that if you read this article, you are at least a little bit interested in leather garders from Marie Mur. If you have any doubts about how suitable they are for you, please do not worry about it.

The company produces quality and stylish accessories, but this does not mean that they make them for the chosen ones. Marie Mur offers garters for all women, producing products in any size. So you can safely buy your own clothes, if you like them, and try them on.

In terms of quality, each harness is made of genuine Italian leather, and you will not be hot or uncomfortable in it.

We would like to remind you that all available sets can be viewed on the Marie Mur website. Here we will also mention that the choice is wide, not only by style but also by color. Thus, not only classic black and passionate scarlet, but also tender shades of pink, bright turquoise, muted blue with a silver glow are available. By choosing the color and style, you can create a look with the emotion you want to express.

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