Community Quarantine Trends

The pandemic enforced us all to go through community quarantine in order to flatten the curve. Various problems arose from this lifestyle yet we adapted. Indoor activities have most of us relying on the Internet for entertainment aside from news and communication with family and friends. TikTok gained more popularity thanks to the quarantine life but other trends also emerged. To name a few, here are the trends that you might want to jump on in and try for yourself.


One of the early trends during community quarantine, Dalgona is a coffee beverage that has been whipped and served cold. It originated in South Korea and has intrigued the online community to the point that everyone was testing it for themselves and so far has yielded mostly positive results. Made of simple ingredients mostly found in everyone’s pantry or kitchen, Dalgona coffee is a bit tedious in terms of the whipping process. Though some rely on hand mixers, a TikTok hack has ensued by using an empty bottle and shaking it vigorously to assist those who have no access to hand mixers. Others have taken a creative approach to it, using matcha powder instead of coffee or other powdered drinks.

Cooking and Baking

Since the scenario was being stuck at home and having no access to some food establishments, many have explored their kitchen and domestic skills. Many seemed to have delighted in trying pancake souffles, pancake cereal, grapes that taste like Jolly Ranchers (the candy), and more.

Home-related Hacks

Being at home means people get to notice more what the home needs in terms of cleaning, fixing, or improving. Though konmari trended years ago, it seems to be very useful during quarantine season for cleaning and having more space. DIY recipes have trended so other home care DIYs have also been trending.

Cartoon Character Wardrobe

Because exploring creativity is such a fun trend, many have joined in on what started in TikTok as the “If I Was A Cartoon Character” showcasing various wardrobes shot in a cartoon game selection way. Different personalities and creative outputs have entertained the online community — from simple wear to fun party clothes and crime fighting suits.


From simple home aesthetics to growing your own ingredients, many have thought of the possible scarcity of needs due to shorter store hours or hoarding problems so they have taken pursuit into the hobby of plants. This is quite a nice trend to have since it may assist in producing cleaner air home. It’s a good way to educate kids at home, too, on how to care for these essential life forms.

Working at Home Lifestyle

Because some companies and professionals still needed to operate, working at home has been set up and applied. This has also enlightened various businesses in rethinking of how they set up their business workforce, possibly opening more work at home positions to possibly save office space and improve on productivity. The corporate culture has adapted to this pandemic which is quite amazing.

Zoom Bloopers

Since meetings are mostly held online, Zoom has been popularly used for its features and interface. And with that, many bloopers have emerged from various video call sessions that have caused quite a stir online.

Bikes and Motorized Scooters

Social distancing measures have been enforced as well and with that, many are hesitant to take public transportation. Private cars are very useful indeed, but for short distance travel, many have taken delight in riding bikes and motorized scooters. Aside from having a nice physical exercise from it, these do not emit carbon compared to cars so that’s a plus in terms of environmental awareness.

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