Controlling PTZ Cameras Inside of OBS

If you are looking for a convenient and hassle-free method to control your PTZ cameras, you must take a look at Open Broadcaster Software. You will love the experience that OBS can provide to you when taking control over PTZ cameras.

The latest version of the Open Broadcaster Software is now released. It comes along with a large number of new and useful features. These features have transformed it into one of the most popular live-streaming applications that you can find. You will be able to take control over it and enjoy live streaming of content via OBS multiviewer.

When you are using OBS, you will be provided with the chance to make your life easy. That’s because you will be able to take multiple views of the production source. This can help you to reduce the time taken on production by a significant amount. When you deep dive and take a look at this feature, you will realize that users are provided with a chance to pop out a display or video of a full-screen output of all the PTZ cameras.

In the layout, you are provided with complete freedom to set up a live preview. Then you will be able to see an output screen, where you can configure to see up to 8 different screens at a time. This can provide you with enhanced control over PTZ cameras at a given time. It is one of the most outstanding features that would come to you and you will love to get the most out of this feature.

Another impressive feature that you can discover in the latest version of OBS is that it provides hotkeys for the broadcasters. As a result, broadcasters are provided with the opportunity to recall video production activities quickly. This is another great feature that shows how you will be able to save your time with the help of OBS. You can use the hotkeys and go forward with a quick transition from one screen to another.

When you are using OBS, you will be able to synchronize all the PTZ Camera movements. OBS hotkeys will be providing assistance to you with this as well. In addition to that, you will be able to take control with the help of the PTZ Optics OBS application. It comes to you with numerous workflow improvements. Moreover, it can provide you with quick and hassle-free integrations with the third-party hotkeys, which are connected with USB.

It is worthy to take a look at the PTZ Optics app and all the great features that come along with it. In other words, it is one of the best resources available for OBS users to consider. You can get an OBS plugin controller with the help of it as well. When you go for this plugin, you will be able to control up to four different PTZ cameras with the help of your Xbox controller. The Xbox controller is in a position to provide you with complete tilt, pan, and zoom capabilities, along with camera switching. You can switch in between the four PTZ cameras as per your preferences and get your work done with minimum hassle.

Studio Mode that you can find within Open Broadcaster Software can provide you with a boost in productivity as well. In other words, you can make your life easy when working on producing as well as in live streaming. It has the ability to compete with other popular video production software available as well.

The developers behind OBS has taken appropriate measures to introduce two of the much-needed improvements to enhance the quality of video and input in live inputs. This can provide you with enhanced color correction. It is supporting multiple feeds from cameras that you get. Usually, most of us tend to use OBS systems that contain cameras from different manufacturers. These different cameras contain different lenses. Even the connection types differ from one another. However, OBS can provide you with enhanced audio and video correction capabilities, which can help you to overcome the differences that exist in them. Therefore, you can end up with a high-quality video production experience at the end of the day.

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