Electronic Dartboard Vs Traditional Bristle – What Your Best Choice Is

Dart throwing is considered as one of the most popular home-based games in the US and often played on weekends and holidays. Though, many people still do not know which darts and dartboards are suitable for them.

Are you wondering between Electronic Dartboard vs Traditional Bristle – Which is better? This article can show you which type of Dartboard you should go for by comparing them in terms of size, durability, safety, bounce-out, and price. Take some time to find out!

Electronic Dartboard vs Traditional Bristle- Comparison


The size difference between the two types is apparent. Traditional bristles often come with a 15.5-inch and 18-inch diameter compared to electronic boards that have diameters ranging from 13.5 inches to 15.5 inches- the tournament standard.

However, whatever types of dartboard you pick, they both bring you the experience of a competition as their sizes are mostly designed under the tournament standard.


An essential factor to consider when it comes to a dartboard is its durability.

Electronic Dartboard has a slightly shorter lifespan compared to traditional bristles. The latter is often made with sisal fibers, which can heal themselves to last longer.

Electronic Dartboard, on the contrary, is made of plastic, which can crack as you accidentally drop your Dartboard.


Safety is another criteria when considering between Traditional Dartboard vs electronic Dartboard.

Traditional bristle often comes with steel tip darts which have metal points. Hence, while steel darts undoubtedly increase the strength of the throw, they can cause more significant damage when they come into contact with humans.

Electronic Dartboard, on the other hand, often refers to soft tip darts, whose component is soft plastic. As a result, it is much safer if you are not an accurate thrower or play with your children.


Bounce out is the situation when you throw the dart at the board, and it ends up on the ground, not on the surface of the Dartboard.

This problem happens all the time in both types. However, bristle dartboard experiences less as its darts are metal ones, which immediately pin into the board wherever they contact.

Bounce-out might be a problem in electronic Dartboard as the dartboards are designed with numerous tiny holes serving as sensors. Unlike traditional bristles where darts can pin anywhere on the board, electronic dartboards have a greater problem with bounce-out.

However, the producers of electronic dartboard are trying to design their products to minimize bounce-outs.


In general, the price of a bristle dartboard falls on the range from $40 to $80.

Electronic Dartboard, as the convenience it provides, often charges $20 to $100 higher than bristle one.

Quick Rundown On Electronic Dartboard


Safer for household playing

Automated scorekeeping


Bounce-out more often

Shorter lifespan

Quick Rundown On Traditional Bristle Dartboard



More accurate

Longer lifespan


Less safer

No auto scorekeeping function


Hopefully, the comparison on “Electronic dartboards vs traditional bristle-which is better?” has provided you with useful information on what dartboard will suit you.

Electronic dartboards are suitable for family use with children and new players. In contrast, bristle dartboards are compatible with serious players who want to experience the feeling of a genuinely competitive game.

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