Everything you need to know about E-Learning

E-learning has been one of the solutions to aid the problems in education due to the Global Pandemic. What’s interesting about this is that electronic education has been around since 1999, and most of you might be wondering how E-Learning works.

We have gathered all the vital information to help you get and acquire an overview of electronic education.

What is E-Learning

Education can be in any form. However, the typical way of learning and earning a degree is through classroom teaching. On the other side, education can also be in E-learning and can be done through a system-based education mostly supported by the internet and computers.

E-learning is widely used, most significantly by professionals who seek to earn a degree overseas. Enrolment is done online, and payments are sent through bank transfer. Some use Paypal and Payooner to transfer their fees.

Is E-Learning Expensive

Since almost everyone is hardly affected by the Pandemic, we are sure that you are now on a tight budget. The excellent news is E-learning is cheaper than classroom education. Since you will not be required to transport and rent for room space, you will have significant savings. Next, allowances are not necessarily needed since you will only be in the house. 

How about tuition fees? Good question! Tuition fees vary on the course you want to enroll in. Since this will run online, you can check the tuition first online to manage your finances. 

How to deliver E-Learning 

E-Learning can be delivered in many ways; one way is using an LMS or learning management system. Another one would be software such as Kajabi, Thinkific, and many more. If you want to know more about online platforms and software to deliver or check your online courses, visit E-Student for more details.  

Resources in E-Learning

If you have been used to traditional learning, your usual idea of resources would be books, handouts, and any tangible printed learning modules. Here in E-Learning, you will be using resources like Ebooks, Journals, and Quizzes. Other resources would include videos of your instructor and recorded lectures. With this, it will be easier to grasp onto learning because if you happen to miss out on a particular word or phrase, you can always go back to the timestamp that you have missed. 

On the other hand, discussion forums, live question and answer sessions, and interviews are the interactive resources you will use in E-Learning. What is good about these interactive resources is that you don’t have to gather into one area to perform this. Many digital applications will allow you to conduct meetings, even with 100 participants. 

These interactive resources will also make you feel that you are still learning with a group. We know that learning has been better with a partner or a group. This is the best way to engage students and instructors. 

Benefits of E-Learning

As a student, you need to know the advantages of taking up e-learning as an alternative to the traditional one. In general, E-Learning is cost-effective, saves time, improves your performance and activities, and lowers your carbon footprint impact. Besides, the benefits of E-Learning are endless, but these are the most important benefits that you can rely on. 

Assessment in E-Learning

If you fear that you are only doing this e-learning alone, fear not because E-learning is designed to assess your improvement and success in the courses. You will be evaluated based on the online assignments that will be provided to you. Also, the exams will play a vital role in assessing your grade. The instructor will post the activities. It will be the ones that will be graded depending on your output. 

Addressing Cheating in E-Learning

Cheating is a serious problem, even in the traditional way of learning. If it is in the typical face-to-face learning, determining to cheat is very easy. This is because you will see it personally. But in E-Learning, checking for cheating has been digitalized as well. Instructors are using plagiarism applications to detect if they are copying someone else’s work. This made all instructors work easy because they only need to copy the student’s output then paste it on the plagiarism application. It will already show them if it has been copied from a different author. 


Our world is naturally evolving speedily. Especially during this Pandemic wherein, we don’t know when it will end. In a situation like this, we must also upgrade our way of adapting to inevitable changes.E-Learning might be challenging initially. Still, once you get its hang, it will be effortless for you to maneuver it. 



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