Link Building and Blog Outreach in a nutshell

For any business to grow, it requires constant traffic from customers. And thanks to technology, business owners can reach current and potential customers from different parts of the world in the comfort of their office. All you have to do is own a website that can easily be found by potential customers.

However, unlike common notions, building an optimized website that customers can easily find at the top of the search engine results page requires time, patience, and expertise. And, due to the complexity of creating a site that attracts organic traffic, industry experts came up with two supportive and effective approaches; blog outreach and link building.

What is blog outreach?

Social media and blogging have slowly revolutionized the marketing industry. Through these platforms, businesses can now market their services/products to potential customers across the world.

With the growth of social media and the increase of influential bloggers, traditional marketing efforts have slowly started becoming less effective. This has made business owners to focus more on building relationships through digital marketing platforms.

And one of the best ways to attract your target audience is through blogger outreach campaigns. Blog outreach is simply the process of using established influencers with a substantial following to help you market your service or product.

You can ask the influencers to write about your service/ product in exchange for complete access to your service or product. Sometimes, business owners can offer compensate these bloggers by paying them for their editorial services and sharing it with their audience. This will, however, depend on the company’s relationship with the influencer and the demands of the blog outreach.

What is the purpose of blog outreach?

The primary purpose of blog outreach is to help establish a relationship with the customer by leveraging the reach of influencers and bloggers. However, before you choose any influencer, it is essential to look at the following aspects.

The influencer: How your customers view your product depends on the marketing skill of the influencer. And, because they will be putting it into words; you need to find out your influencers’ reputation. You need to know what they write about, what they focus on, and how they reach out to their audience. Without this information, you may simply be wasting your time and financial resources.

Passion: For customers to believe in your product, they have to feel your passion when advertising it on social media. Therefore, make sure the influencer is also passionate and enthusiastic about your products.

What is link building?

Link building is simply the process of obtaining hyperlinks—also referred to as a link—from different websites to your site. The hyperlink(s) allow website users to navigate between the current site they are viewing to your website.

Link building starts with an anchor tag that opens when you click on the hyperlink. You then get referred to a different target site. Links used can be editorial, reciprocal, image-based or acquired. Despite how simple it sounds, link building is still a complicated process to do it on your own. But, this doesn’t have to be the case for you as you can hire experts to help you build quality backlinks from authoritative sites.

Purpose of link building

Link building facilitates the higher-ranking of your website in the search engine results page. You can also determine the ranking of your page based on the results of the search engine. According to MagFellow, the main purpose of link building is to drive more traffic to your site and help generate high-quality leads to your business.

Link building and blog outreach work together to give you a competitive business advantage. These two approaches help you attract traffic to your site and establish relationships with your potential clients. Remember, relationships are essential, especially when selling your products/services. Conversion of the business leads enables you to grow your business significantly.


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