Explainer Video Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2021

Explainer videos are an excellent way to reach out to your target audience effectively. Adding this video to your website will make it a lot more engaging and interactive. You can talk to your audience and demonstrate some key aspects of your products and services without merely writing about them.

For individual members of the audience who do not like to go through the text, this is an excellent method of reaching out to them. You can reach out to providers like https://www.picstory.com.au/ to know more about them.

However, you should avoid the following mistakes if you want to make the best of the explainer videos in 2021 and use them to your best advantage.


The explainer video should not be too long. Nobody likes a topic to go on and on forever. Editing is the key to make a great video. Make sure it has all the essential points you want to cover, but all of them should be crisp.

Do not waste time on lengthy preambles- the audience already knows about the basics of the company. Tell them about the things that they will benefit from. If there is something more you want to cover, make separate videos for each section rather than one long, tedious video.

Making it All About Marketing

The explainer video will be a part of your marketing strategy, but you do not have to make it look like one. Take this as an opportunity to enlighten the audience about your products and services- do not push the product or imply that you are forcing them to buy it. Instead, the video should impress them enough that they genuinely become interested and involved in the process.

Do not fill the video with marketing jargon or graphics and pictures portraying how glamorous the brand is. At this stage, get them acquainted with the short and long-term benefits that they could enjoy.

Digressing Too Much

This happens when you forget who your target audience is, and you bring in elements to the video which might not be suitable for that specific base of consumers. In modern marketing methods, you cannot afford to use cookie-cutter methods of marketing.

The explainer videos should speak about concerns and problems and the solutions that only the target audience could face. Do not forget to label the videos accordingly as well, so that they have no trouble finding which video is meant for them.

Not Using Professional Voiceover and Script

Do not assume that just because an explainer video is about a couple of minutes in length at most, you could do it yourself. To maximize the effectiveness of the video and to make it compact and informative at the same time, you need a good script. Once you have finalized the content of the video, hire a professional to do the voiceover.

Good voice modulation is essential when it comes to sending the message across. The professional will be able to highlight the key points and in sync with the video’s visuals.

By avoiding these mistakes, you will make great explainer videos, which will surely make your business successful in 2021.

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