Five Intresting Pop Art Painting

Pop culture emerged somewhere amidst the Industrial Revolution, providing a voice to the unheard. It became a unifying agent for the idiosyncrasies as well as the mundaneness that lives in all aspects of the society, especially the youth. 

Pop art was something everyone could relate to which is why it was such a hit movement. It made art a common thing, detaching it from being an affair of only the bourgeoisies as pop art was very contemporary. Andy Warhol has been known to create pop art popular as he channelized the American popular culture into it.

 Like a high tide during the tempest, it swept everyone off their feet as it became super popular, as one could guess from the name itself. Consequently, pop art paintings became like a pair of limited edition Jordans that everyone wanted which led to many pop art reproductions. So, let’s dive into the vibrant and controversial world of pop art:


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Elvis Presley became a chocolate boy who everyone fawned over and still continue to. He became a universal sweetheart with his legendary haircut and “Can’t help falling in love” which became a hit. 

He was berated for speaking out strong opinions that move masses and often found himself enveloped by controversies and was termed as a “sexhibitionist.” This is exactly what he is being portrayed here as with his classic rocker jacket and amidst performing for the crowd and swaying them with the steps and movements which worked all too well for them. The painting can be seen with popping colors which were a defining feature of cool pop art.

Audrey Hepburn



Audrey Hepburn who is famous for Breakfast at Tiffany’s became an icon for the pop art movement with her classy demeanor and free-spirited nature.

Here, she has been captured in all her element
s, wearing her renowned black gown with pearls and long black gloves which is a classic look now. She became a beacon of style which influenced many of her contemporaries and she remains a reference for many designers.

The painting is evidence of her cheerfulness and her crooked smile seems to be portraying that she’s equally brainy and beauty. With the black background, it becomes for one of those classic pop art posters



Troy - Brad Pitt by Pop Art - Reproduction Oil Painting


Troy was a legendary movie showcasing the Trojan War fought in Illium which went on for years. Brad Pitt played the lead, Achilles whose grandiose is celebrated throughout centuries and talks of his valor still flow. Brad Pitt was a sensation in Hollywood at the time which is part of the reason why Troy became a hit. 


This pop art painting displays Achilles in his element, charging at his enemies to revenge his cousin. The intensity of Achilles for which he is renowned is clearly visible through this painting. The proper armor and his famous silver shield further add to the intensity. 

Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal


Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal by Pop Art - Reproduction Oil Painting


Michael Jackson was known as the King of Pop as he revolutionized the whole dance and music industry. He rode the horse of triumph when his song ‘Bad’ came out and the video spread like wildfire. His aesthetics were all over the place with his legendary moonwalking.

Michael Jackson has left his legacy throughout the ages. He has sold god knows how many million records. Many of the present pop singers have claimed him to be their inspiration and their muse.

This painting displays him in his prime time, rocking a stage and doing his world-class step for which the audience used to go gaga. 

Iron Man film 


Iron Man Film by Pop Art - Reproduction Oil Painting


Iron Man is a total franchise now, kudos to the marvel and Robert Downey Jr fans all over the world. Iron man as a superhero saw the light of day through the Marvel comics.

Tony Stark whose brainchild was Iron Man-inspired a lot of young minds to get more adept with technology and the power that lies in it. Its impact has been astounding all in all aside from just romanticizing heroism.

The pop art painting with his glamorous Iron Man suit, all armed portrays its glory. It shows his ‘artificial’ heart which supported his life functions. The mask covering the face is symbolic of how anyone can be behind that mask, universalizing the idea of gallantry. The black background draws our focus to the specific figure. 

Revolutionary Artworks

The pop culture created by Andy Warhol was an amalgamation of everything in our daily routines that surrounded us. It became the expression of a society in all art forms like music, art, literature which showcased the experiences of people and brought it into the mainstream. Pop art aesthetic is anything and everything and that’s the beauty of it. And that is what exactly made it such a hit amongst contemporary life.



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