Five Tips on Buying a Platinum Ring

Gold may be the precious metal in the most demand for many decades, but platinum is making waves in the jewelry industry. It has gained popularity as the metal of choice for wedding and engagement rings because of its rarity, strength, luster, and versatility. This “metal of kings” is so rare that it is harder to source than gold. It is also more expensive and highly regarded in jewelry-making. It pairs beautifully with gemstones and diamonds because of its silvery-white sheen.

If you are planning to buy platinum ring jewelry, then you must heed the following tips so you will get your money’s worth. An authentic platinum ring can be passed on for generations and can serve as a legacy of hope and love.

Check For the Platinum Hallmark

A hallmark refers to the type and purity of the metal used in jewelry, in this case, the platinum.  It is a reassurance that the platinum ring that you will buy is of high quality.

All platinum jewelry has hallmarks which contain numbers and symbols. Federal regulations require all platinum rings to bear a stamp located inside the band. Different marks are used around the world. In India, for example, pure platinum jewelry is stamped with a Pt950. In the US, the symbol inside the band is “Plat” or “.95 Plat”. All of these are pure platinum demanding a higher value.

On the other hand, be wary of rings that contain the “IridPlat” or “.90Plat/Ir. They are only 90% platinum and should not command a higher price than the pure ones.

Do the Scratch Test

For the untrained eye, silver closely resembles platinum. To help you distinguish between the two, you may perform a scratch test. Run your nail along the band’s surface. If it results in scratches, then the ring is not pure platinum. It may be silver or platinum alloyed with silver.

Bear in mind that platinum is harder than silver, so it is resistant to most scratches.

Use a Magnet

Platinum and other precious metals are non-magnetic. You can do a magnet test to determine whether the platinum band is pure or not. You need to bring the ring near a magnet. If the magnet attracts the ring, then your jewelry is not pure platinum.

Check For Certification

If you buy a platinum ring online, you will not have the chance to inspect it physically. One way to ensure that you are purchasing pure platinum is to ask if the ring comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Platinum Guild International or PGI.

The tamper-proof authenticity certification or card is a vital part of the purchase, especially if you are buying for investment purposes. You will be able to sell the ring in the future for a premium price. You can also keep it together with the ring in a beautiful jewelry box if you plan to pass it on as a family heirloom.

Ask About the Alloy Used in Your Ring

To ensure that you are buying a pure platinum ring, ask your jeweler what alloy they used to manufacture the jewelry. Pure platinum or 95% platinum ring should be alloyed with ruthenium or cobalt. These alloys produce harder platinum that can resist years of wear and tear.

A platinum ring can be a breathtaking gift or a beautiful symbol of love and commitment. It may even be a sound investment. Whatever the purpose for purchasing this precious metal, you need to be a hundred percent sure of its authenticity and purity.

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