Rolling Shutters – How They Benefit Your House

Formerly used as a security option for barns and shops, rolling shutters have finally found their place in the domestic realm.

Built using aluminum or stainless steel, they are designed and carefully crafted to merge with your house’s façade and style. Also, after several rounds of R&D in the past few years, these rolling shutters are now available with in-built sensors that automatically lower them when the sun starts to set.

When installed properly, the Rollac motorized rolling shutter is nearly invincible and offers you premier security.

Below,e are several other benefits as well:

Save Energy and Reduce Power Consumption

With 70% of heat escaping through windows and doors, and the cost of heating and cooling on the rise, saving energy has become a priority. Now it is possible for you to virtually eliminate this problem by installing rolling shutters on your home’s exterior.

Motorized rolling shutters not only help keep the harsh weather at bay but also can reduce your power consumption by about 64%, primarily because the shutters are built to retain heat during cold weather.

Since rolling shutters can be controlled either manually or with the help of remote control, raising and lowering them is an easy task.

Safeguard Your Home from Harsh Elements

If you are living in an area with severe weather conditions, then the best way to shield your windows and entryways from harsh elements such as hail is to get rolling shutters installed. Also, they’ll secure your windows against wind, rain, and whatever a storm might blow in their direction. Inside, you’ll feel comfortable and secure.

Provide Additional Safety and Privacy

Another benefit of installing motorized rolling shutters is that they help you block the view from the outside. Whether it’s your front door facing the road while you’re away, or your garage window being a little too inviting for burglars, installing these shutters is by far the best way to give yourself and your home a bit more privacy at precisely the time you want it.

Also since rolling shutters are built of metal, they are extremely sturdy and can shield your house from virtually any kind of damage.

If you travel on business or take vacations, you can have a new level of confidence leaving your home, knowing it will be safe and secure for a week or two until you return.

Reduce Outside Noise

External noises from vehicles and neighbors are often frustrating and distracting. This is especially true when you’re trying to work from home or catch up on sleep.

But when you install motorized rolling shutters, you can shut out external disturbances, especially if you opt for insulated shutters, which can reduce outside noise by about 80%, thereby creating a more peaceful environment. And it’s not just humans who benefit – your pets will feel safer and have less anxiety when a thunderstorm rolls through or when the neighbors set off firecrackers on holidays.

In addition to making sure that external noise remains outside, rolling shutters are a great idea when you want to keep your noise inside. If you’re in the mood to listen to loud music, or if you’re practicing a musical instrument, you can ensure the peace of others living near you.

Provide Insulation for Your Home

Insulation is a fantastic benefit of installing rolling shutters. With incredible insulating capability, these shutters can protect against about 70% of cold during winter and 90% of heat during summer, keeping your home cozy all year long and conserving mightily on heating and air-conditioning bills.

BlockUnwanted Light

If you live in a house with large windows, then you are less able to control the amount of light entering your room, even if you have curtains. But if you install rolling shutters, you have absolute control over the light entering your home.

Adjustthe Internal Temperature

We’ve talked about keeping cold or hot temperatures out, but when you install quality rolling shutters, you gain a way to regulate the internal temperature of your home with complete ease. With these shutters in place, your dependence on cooling or heating systems is greatly reduced. Simply bring the temperature to your desired level and turn off the furnace or air conditioner. Let your insulated rolling shutters take care of the rest. Imagine the effect on your power bills!

If you’re interested in having all these benefits for your home, please get in touch with your nearest motorized rolling shutter manufacturer right away. The experts there will not only understand your needs and requirements but also take you through the entire process, including costs and installation timetables.

As always, it’s wise to ask a few questions of your prospective rolling shutter installer, such as:

  • How many years of industry experience do your installers have?
  • Do you offer warranty repairs?
  • Do you offer an after-hours service?

There you have it – everything you need to turn your house into a safer, more comfortable place to live!

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